How to access 1Form for the first time.

Contributed By: Nick Buick on

Dear Nick,
I just received a 1Form application. How do I view it? I don’t know my password, I don’t know my username, it keeps telling me it wants me to ‘verify’. Please help I need to see this application ASAP!
Kind Regards,
Every Onsite Manager

I get that email (often in less conversational tones and language not suitable for this family blog) at least half a dozen times per day… every single day. Setting up 1Form is a tedious process and I feel your pain! Every manager is sent an instruction pack that explains this process when they join our agency, but by the time they get a 1form application, it’s often been forgotten about. Accordingly, I put together this instructional video together to help ease some of the pain managers are feeling when trying to get 1Form up and running for the first time. Please post your comments and questions below. Enjoy!

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