Introducing “The Andrea Venz Real Estate”.

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The business is solely owned and operated by Andrea. With over 30 years in the Management Rights (MR) industry, she brings vast knowledge, experience and expansive connections within the industry. These specialists include Financier’s, Accountants, Advertising Experts and Lawyers.

Her many years in the sales industry focusing solely on the sales and settlements of MR, has given her a very comprehensive list of successful transactions.

Andrea was first introduced to the MR industry in 1987 when her family purchased their first MR business. During the 6 years of operation, she became fully conversant with all aspects of the business. Through living and managing this “on site business”, she learned how important it is to provide excellent service to clients, owners and body corporates.

Andreas sales career began in 2001, when she joined the family MR brokerage business. At the time, the business was the largest agency solely selling MR and continued to one of the largest sales companies in QLD for over 25 years. This agency initiated industry information forums such as QMAS, with an Advisory Board consisting of managers, lecturers, REIQ members, ARAMA members and a variety of other industry experts. Through the many seminars held in Australia and New Zealand, large quantities of prospective managers had access to professional and expert education to guide them into the industry. 

Andreas close association with PCS Finance began a long and lasting business relationship in the successful structure of partnerships. With her belief that she has “put her money where her mouth is”, Andrea is also involved with Asset Management and structuring of large partnership deals.

Andreas ongoing commitment to the MR industry has led her to begin her own sales business where she can offer expert advice and service with realistic commission structures.

It is her belief that she can offer a “one-on-one” personalised service that will satisfy all Vendor needs.

Whether you are buying or selling a MR business, it is prudent that you choose an expert in the industry that has the understanding and skillset to navigate through any and all possible scenarios. 

In choosing Andrea as your agent you will be getting a highly trained expert in the field of MR businesses.


  1. Good Luck and best wishes Andrea

    Bruce Woods

  2. Congratulations and best wishes Andrea . Janelle and Steve Dunn

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