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I recently I came across this rather awesome Management Rights marketing video put together by Tim Crooks and Alex Cook from Resort Brokers. This is definitely one of the best MR Videos I’ve ever seen. Beautifully shot and art directed and just a little bit quirky, as you’d expect from these guys. …oh, it’s a pretty good listing too. Having actually lived next door to the Hendra complex I watched it being developed with enthusiasm and it’s an absolutely stunning property, so don’t forget to reach out to Tim or Alex if you’d like more information – see the link here: … But also,Read More →

I’ve been writing these bulletins for many years now and inevitably one runs out of interesting stuff to say.  Most months I build a mental picture of what I’m going to write about, procrastinate until the deadline date and then frantically try to render what’s in my head into something comprehensible. I often find it difficult to find things to write about, hence the sometimes rabbling social commentary and hopefully amusing anecdotes. In fact, the only time it’s easy to come up with content is when something extraordinary happens. Something like a global financial crisis, a surprise election outcome or a pandemic.  In recent timesRead More →

I remember after the GFC I said something like, wow, now I’ve seen everything.   Wrong! We understand that these are challenging times.  I use the term challenging because really scary and uncertain just sounds too confronting! Please know that we are here for our clients and indeed anyone who needs us.  Having said that the banks have indicated that to expedite positive outcomes they are dealing directly with broker introduced borrowers and that’s fine.  If you need to us to support your case and liaise with your banker, we are here.  If you feel your bank is not stepping up please understand that they areRead More →

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Patrick Bell from FNX Finance has released his 9th series snapshot based on database. His analysis below: Management Rights For Sale – Market Analysis January 2020 Letting Pool Coverage – proportion of the total units to those within the Pool. Agreement Coverage – refers to % of total agreement term available upon purchase.Read More →

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One of ResortBrokers best performing agents has made a move from her previous patch in far North Queensland to set up as a management rights specialist on the Sunshine Coast. In the three years she’s been with ResortBrokers in the far north, Chenoa has racked up an impressive $28 million in sales from 19 deals and is now looking to continue that success in her new zone. She joins ResortBrokers Senior Executive Glenn Millar as the company’s second specialist on the Sunshine Coast. Her track record speaks for itself. In November 2019, Chenoa achieved the highest multiplier (above 4.5X) in her region in recent yearsRead More →

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The business is solely owned and operated by Andrea. With over 30 years in the Management Rights (MR) industry, she brings vast knowledge, experience and expansive connections within the industry. These specialists include Financier’s, Accountants, Advertising Experts and Lawyers. Her many years in the sales industry focusing solely on the sales and settlements of MR, has given her a very comprehensive list of successful transactions. Andrea was first introduced to the MR industry in 1987 when her family purchased their first MR business. During the 6 years of operation, she became fully conversant with all aspects of the business. Through living and managing this “on siteRead More →

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Every single month an excess of thirty and up to forty thousand visits flow through TheOnsiteManager viewing Management Rights and Hospitality listings and this volume of traffic continues to grow year-on-year at a rate of more than 10%. In August this year, over 33,000 buyers came to TheOnsiteManager, by comparison, the nearest competitor achieved just 4,390 over the same period (we beat them by over 750%). Put simply, TheOnsiteManager will put your listing in front of more buyers in just 4 days, than the nearest competitor can hope to achieve in an entire month. As the number 1 portal in this industry, the traffic achievedRead More →

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Today we present the eighth in our series of analysis on the selling market for Management and Letting Rights (MLR).  We have been collating this data quarterly since June 2017 and the following is a broad summary;  ·      Stock levels have started to increase from May 2019.  ·       This has largely been in the permanents and student accommodation space, with holiday also increasing.·       The average listing period of all buildings has been 74 days in the last quarter.  With an additional 90-100 to complete settlement. Data source: Market Snapshot – September 2019 ‘On the Market Analysis’ – Market Pulse Management Rights For Sale Letting Pool Coverage – proportion of theRead More →

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I sat at the meeting table, across from the principal of one of our longest serving broker firms. Faintly in the distance, I could hear a clock ticking. We’d both decided to skip the coffee as we’d both already drunk far too many that morning. I stared and him, and he stared at me… “Well” I began, “When marketing Management Rights on our portal, it’s really important you take advantage of all the feature listing allocations included with your broker plan.” “hmmm” he nodded sagely before pausing. He looked up at me from the table ”But why?” “Well…” I continued, ”because they are way moreRead More →