Is the cloud the best option for your business?

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We all know the Internet has come along in leaps and bounds in the last decade.  But just how far have we come in terms of convenience and security?

When ‘The Cloud’ became a reality a few years back, many managers breathed a sigh of relief at the idea their information was safe and sound in a cushion of floating security, where they were no longer restricted to accessing what they needed whenever they needed it. No longer would they lose data or private information if their hard-drive crashed, and no longer did they have to transport that information everywhere they went. All of a sudden, managers and business owners had the capability of logging into the cloud and accessing their information, no matter where they were.

However, just how reliable is the cloud? Here are some things you may wish to consider as you move your business and your information into 2017.

For many, the cloud is no longer the ‘be all and end all’ for information security and convenience. Property managers, especially in Australia, feel limited by the cloud and are looking for a solution which offers greater stability, but more importantly, the freedom from poor internet connections and unavailable server’s that so many property managers find themselves facing.

In Australia, a good data plan can be hard to find; you may think you are on a good one until you are in a position where your data is shared, reducing the bandwidth when you are out and about using a shared WIFI connection, or using the data on your mobile phone plan. Comparatively, Australia is low on the global list for internet speed with our current ranking sitting at 48th. This is actually down from a ranking of 46th in 2015.[1]

Property Managers currently feel ‘tied’ to their front desk more often than they wish to be, relying on a not so reliable connection to keep their information up to date and to receive information in a timely matter. What accommodation providers need is a solution that can be used from anywhere, one which is not necessarily dependent on the internet.

Even more importantly, property managers may also be concerned with the security of their information being on the cloud.

Recent statistics on information security is proving to be a concern for many organisations across the globe. Many people are asking ‘just how secure is my information on the cloud, and how is my information kept safe?’ Often we don’t know how secure our internet connection is, or who it’s being shared with, causing more and more people to be concerned for their cyber safety.

Data security is a big risk, even for the largest of organisations. For instance, the recent controversy over the alleged hacking of the US Presidential campaign, or even the data security breaches of big organisations such as LinkedIn and Adobe, not to mention countless others. This is surely a good indication that data stored on the cloud may not be all that safe. The AFR discussed research completed by IMB in an article this year, indicating that last year the average total organisational cost of a cyber breach had peaked at $2.82 million.[2] Now, even though statistics reflect this figure has dropped since 2015, it’s still a figure that’s too high to ignore.

It can often be a real conundrum for accommodation providers, do they risk hosting their data offsite, for the convenience of accessing their data remotely. Or host data locally and give up their freedom from the desk. If only there was a solution that could provide the best of both worlds, at HiRUM we believe such a solution now exists.

A solution that will arm managers with the right tool to effectively operate their business from anywhere at any time, without being tied to the front desk, whilst simultaneously solving these important security and internet concerns. Providing more opportunities to work flexibly, with the knowledge their information is secure at all times, the future for property managers looks brighter than ever.

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