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THE Winners of the prestigious THE Awards were announced at the annual ceremony on Friday Night. Hundreds of managers and industry providers were in attendance for a magical evening of fun, laugher, and oh so much dancing. The Queensland Youth Orchestra Big Band were in attendance with a 24 person orchestra treating the punters to a line-up of speak-easy numbers that perfectly complimented the underground Warehouse Basement venue in Fortitude Valley. The orchestra were accompanied by Frank Senatra-esq vocals of Lachlan Luhrs and the set was rounded off with a special guest appearance by the incredibly talented Irena Lysiuk fresh off the back of herRead More →

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Voting for THE Awards hosted by The Onsite Manager is now open to all of our onsite managers who are part of our managers agency! It is accessible through the control panel. Award categories include Legal, Accounting, Broker, Relief Manager, Body Corporate, Finance and Manager of the Year. Your final chance to vote is 1st of October and the winners will be announced at THE Awards held on the 14th of October at The Warehouse Basement, Brisbane. Get your tickets at: https://events.humanitix.com/the-awards-2022Read More →

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If you’re a resident unit manager (RUM) of a property, chances are that you are exposed to a unique set of risks that an insurance policy may be able to assist in managing.  The policy should offer coverage for risks typically faced by professionals in your industry. The three risks resident unit managers are likely to face include the risk of damage or injury to a third party in a common area, the risk of allegations that you did not correctly fulfil your professional services role resulting in a financial loss for a third party, and risks of third-party property damage like fire, water damageRead More →

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“It’s the vibe of it. It’s the constitution. It’s Mabo. It’s justice. It’s law. It’s the vibe and ah, no, that’s it. It’s the vibe. I rest my case”Dennis Denuto, Lawyer for the embattled Kerrigan family.The Castle, 1997 Australian Movie Classic. By the time you read this, dear comrades, we will either have the same government we have today, a new majority labour government or, God help us, a coalition of the mad, the bad, the misguided and the plain crazy. However, the numbers fall we can be sure of one inescapable truth, we live in a world where facts no longer matter and theRead More →

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A frequent issue within Management Rights, and a recurring question that is asked is: How do I stop an outside agent raiding my letting pool for their rent roll? There’s a number of strategies that are very effective for galvanising your complex against attacks from outside agents. This week ARAMA president: Trevor Rawnsley discussed these with Kelly Rigby and Nick Buick – here’s how it went down:Read More →

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These are the situations in which you should get in touch with your insurance broker This article is brought to you by AON Insurance – To get a specialised quote for onsite manager insurance now – click here: Onsite Manager Insurance Quote It’s a common assumption that as a business owner, you only need to contact your insurance broker when you need to renew your policy or make a claim. The reality is however, there are many things that can change in your operations that your insurance broker needs to be made aware of. Regularly keeping in touch with your broker can help to makeRead More →

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Struggle to find cover? Here’s how a broker can help How a broker can help when you have complex insurance needs This article is brought to you by AON Insurance – To get a specialised quote for onsite manager insurance now – click here: Onsite Manager Insurance Quote When it comes to helping to protect your business with the right cover for you, there are some instances where standard insurance policies may not be the best fit, and you might need cover that has been specifically designed for your industry or business type. For example, some businesses struggle to get cover due to their claimsRead More →

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How well do you understand the difference between these two covers? This article is brought to you by AON Insurance – To get a specialised quote for onsite manager insurance now – click here: Onsite Manager Insurance Quote Public Liability (PL) & Professional Indemnity (PI) are different types of insurance policies and cover different occurrences. Although they both cover allegations made against you and your business, the types of claims they cover vary. Depending on the nature of your business, you may require both, or just one of these policies.  For some professions, these policies can also be combined into one for your convenience, soRead More →

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2021 was our largest awards night ever, there were well over 200 people in attendance the room was packed as everyone turned out to see who the winners of THE Awards were for 2021. I want to sincerely thank everyone who supported and attended the event for making it so special, and congratulate all the winners and finalists for 2021. Thank you! Finance Winner: Mike Phipps Finance Finance Finalists: Intellichoice Financial Services PCS Finance Green Finance Group Suncorp – Management Rights BALANZ Bank Advisory Services CPI Finance RED10 FINANCE BOQ Wynnum Lawyers Winner: Hynes Legal Lawyers Finalists: Hillhouse Burrough McKeown Solicitors Nicholsons Solicitors Spranklin LegalRead More →