Management and Letting Rights Quarterly Pulse – September 2019

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Today we present the eighth in our series of analysis on the selling market for Management and Letting Rights (MLR).  We have been collating this data quarterly since June 2017 and the following is a broad summary;

 ·      Stock levels have started to increase from May 2019.  
·       This has largely been in the permanents and student accommodation space, with holiday also increasing.
·       The average listing period of all buildings has been 74 days in the last quarter.  With an additional 90-100 to complete settlement.

Data source:

Market Snapshot – September 2019

‘On the Market Analysis’ – Market Pulse

Management Rights For Sale

Letting Pool Coverage – proportion of the total units to those within the Pool. Agreement Coverage – refers to % of total agreement term available upon purchase

Historical Comparison of the Market

Total Properties on the market his a new record high

As the total dollar value of properties on the market is also decreasing…

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