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We’ve made a lot of new site enhancements this week on that I wanted to point out to our users.

Shortlist Upgrade

The site has had a shortlist system for several years, but we’ve given it a full overhaul now. Every listing has a prominent shortlist link that will instantly store any listing you like the look of, in your own private shortlist. You don’t need to be logged in, you don’t even need an account, the shortlist is stored in a cookie so it will be there waiting for you any time you return to the website from the same computer, even if it’s several weeks later.

Once you have your shortlist organised, you can send a group enquiry to all the listings in your list, saving you having to re-key the same more information request over and over again. The brokers will then send you the details.

Employment Section Now Live

Every few weeks I get a manager call me up asking if I know of anyone hiring… and every other week I get a manager or investor call me up asking if I know anyone looking for work. It’s an ongoing pattern and, of course, no two parties ever call up and exactly the same time so I never really get to put the two together. I decided to do something about this, so we’ve now launched our employment section on TheOnsiteManager. If you’re seeking staff, from a book keeper to a house keeper, from a maintenance manager to a general manager, we want to tell the world about it.

You can no advertise your vacancies on absolutely free, you don’t even need to be one of our managers. So long as it’s a genuine employment position  (not an investor invitation) available in Management Rights – list it on and we’ll show your ad to all 25,000 of our highly targeted monthly audience members to ensure you get the very best candidates. All enquiries are sent directly to you, with the ability to attach a cover letter and resume – and you can advertise anonymously if need be. The employment section is now live, just click EMPLOYMENT from the main menu or click here:

Good luck in your quest for staff!

Region Tracking

I wrote some pretty nifty code that calculates the nearest regional centre to an address. We can now ascertain if a listing is in the Gold Coast Region, or the Ipswich Region or the Cairns Region, etc… we’re going to be adding this functionality to our search system this month making it possible for users to find all the listings in a total region, rather than just searching by suburb and radius.

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