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Today we are talking about an essential aspect of managing your management rights business: Top-ups. Today we are going to hear from Mike O’Farrell from MLR Services who is going to share his top tips on how to streamline the Top-Up process and maximise your success. Meet Mike O’ Farrell Mike O’Farrell 193 708 After joining the management and letting rights industry in 1991, Mike has been actively involved in body corporate’s for many years. He understands the complexities of shared occupancy and has seen disputes between residents, contractors and bodies corporate escalate into financially disastrous situations. Mike established MLR Services to help residents,Read More →

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Three takeaways: Hills to die on in management rights We often talk about the ‘hills to die on’ in management rights. And while that’s obviously colloquial, sometimes in management rights relationships there are times when you have to take a stand — and there are other times when you should roll over because it’s not worth the grief.  Reimbursement of expenses is one of those things.  Spinning out over spending Resident Managers often look at their agreements and argue they’ve got spending authority for $500 or $1000 per item or month; yet the body corporate is saying they can’t spend that money.  The reality isRead More →

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I remarked to the managing director recently that the pursuit of perfection could drive a man insane. Yeah, I know, it’s a short drive. Her retort suggested that, through her presence, I had indeed succeeded in such a quest and miraculously I had remained mildly rational. For it is received wisdom that the MD is perfect and I should thank my lucky stars for her continued indulgence. I chose to reply with an ill-advised “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” remark. I’m sure that once I regain full use of my faculties and have the stitches removed, I will reflect and regret inRead More →

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The Managing Director and I recently returned from a sojourn to Canada and Alaska. Our mission, as I’m sure some of you will appreciate, was to use some Covid cancellation credits and continue our plan to spend every last cent before we fall off the twig. Hmmm, Covid credits. Whatever happened to Covid? We seem to have gone from being locked in our houses clinging to our last square of toilet paper with the stormtroopers outside to no longer being too worried about the dreaded plague. Talk about mass hysteria. Might be lessons in all that for the current wailing over other expected catastrophic crises,Read More →

ResortBrokers has set a new record for a management rights business on the Sunshine Coast with the sale of luxury resort Oceans Mooloolaba Beach for $11.2M. The sale smashes the previous Sunshine Coast management rights record of $8.06M set in February 2022 for the 21-apartment On the Beach in Noosa’s Hastings Street. ResortBrokers’ Sunshine Coast team, Glenn Millar and Chenoa Daniel, settled the sale earlier this week. The off-market deal sees the management rights change hands from vendors Vince and Sue Galle to Prestige Residential, led by Ben Orton, which also operates the management rights to On the Beach and Tingirana in Noosa Heads asRead More →

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As I sit here in an airport lounge contemplating the meaning of life my thoughts turn to our national carrier, the flying kangaroo, the displayer of the Yes, the virtue signalling disgrace now facing multiple client lawsuits, to say nothing of the action commenced by the ACCC. All this before we even start to contemplate the cosy arrangements between government and Qantas to freeze a competitor out of the game and assist in customers being ripped off, cheated and treated appallingly. The latest accusations of Qantas selling tickets on cancelled flights sounds a lot like the “advice for no service” accusations aired during the bankingRead More →

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A TOP night of worthy winners THE MANAGEMENT AND LETTING RIGHTS INDUSTRY is built on a foundation of hospitable and well organised resident managers whose hard work creates a $55 billion yearly economic benefit for Australia. So many people right across our business deserve accolades and on July 25 at Brisbane’s fabulous Royal International Convention Centre the most outstanding achievers in the MLR field were honoured at our annual TOP awards. It was a magnificent evening as our industry celebrated great success borne from determination and diligence. The night honoured the best of the best in our business, and the work displayed by all of our winnersRead More →

ResortBrokers Director Alex Cook and Brisbane Broker Jeff Keast recently settled their sale of the management rights of Annexe Apartments for $8.3 million. The sale of the 81-apartment complex in the inner Brisbane suburb of Bowen Hills was the first large, short-let management rights to settle in the Queensland capital since Covid. The sale eclipsed ResortBrokers’ previous post-Covid management rights record of the 46-unit Manor Apartments Hotel in Queen St that sold for $6.3 million. A ResortBrokers Director since 2018, Cook specialises in large management rights transactions nationwide, particularly large, short-stay and off-the-plan developments. His previous landmark management rights deals include the sale of SoulRead More →

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As some of you will know I’m a bit of a music nut. I find lyrics interesting and often ponder the meaning in popular songs. I’m also fascinated by the influence of love found and lost in modern music. I bet if you were forced to listen to only songs that didn’t mention love, relationships, heartache etc you’d soon get very sick of Midnight Oil preaching to you. Don’t get me wrong, a red hot band no doubt and a bit of preaching never hurt I guess. Maybe just dialled down a notch or two. Anyway, I’ve got the headphones on with songs of loveRead More →

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ARAMA’S Top Awards are a showcase of everything that we love about Management and Letting Rights. This year’s awards will take place at a gala function on July 25 at Brisbane’s Royal International Convention Centre and will highlight the outstanding work that resident managers are doing on behalf of owners, bodies corporate and residents. All the finalists exhibit the marvellous traits that go into building a successful MLR business – they all know that first and foremost they are working in a service industry, and they are providing benefits to their clients that go above and beyond what is expected of them. This month I’dRead More →