ResortBrokers Invests In Larger Mantle Piece

Contributed By: Nick Buick on

It’s been a HECK of a year for Resort Brokers in 2023. The firm is going from strength to strength with a swag of accolades bestowed upon them at the podium this year. They (Namely, Alex Cook) claimed the ARAMA TOP Award for 2023, in October they were on the stage again claiming THE Award as voted by onsite managers for their 5th year running (an achievement that borders on boring at this point), and last Saturday I was thrilled to see Alex Cook of Resort Brokers take out the REIQ Awards For Excellence. This was indeed an interesting (albeit well deserved) turn-of-events for the Resort Brokers crew as they weren’t simply competing against other management rights brokers, but against every commercial broker in Queensland.

Taking out numerous, consecutive awards, all of which are judged in differing ways (judges merit, industry peer nomination and performance), demonstrates the hard-won reputation Resort Brokers have established within the accommodation sector. I-for-one am extremely proud of Resort Brokers for these achievements and know they’re well deserved. Congratulations guys, we look forward to seeing what’s in the bag for 2024… one can only assume it begins with a larger mantle piece.

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