Robot rental property managers

Contributed By: Nick Gorrell on

The World of technology relentlessly changes how we do day to day activities that we currently take for granted, we have seen the likes of google, airbnb, uber and VR come from nowhere to become the accepted norms. I recently found this interesting video on a service being used for property management in California US and thought that you would enjoy watching it.
While I suspect that this service may not be the final answer to providing ultra efficient and cost effective rental agents (quite a few of the prospective tenants I have met are more likely to ‘borrow’ the robots than politely interact with it : ) it is a very interesting watch and provides food for thought for the future facing agencies looking for eye catching market differentiators and work process cost efficiencies. I hope that you enjoy it:


  1. That is extremely weird! yet cool! Hopefully it contributes instead of takes over!

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