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Last night our technicians did a final migration and switched on our new hosting server. It’s been a few years since we performed a major upgrade on our hardware infrastructure and the site has grown immensely since then and surpassed the technology it was running on. We’re now running independent solid state RAID drives for both our file system and database, we increased RAM, beefed up our processing power and took out a totally separate server just for our website to keep it completely isolated from the other sites our company hosts.

The speed increase is considerable, but more importantly, the speed will be consistent as we were noticing some lagging behaviour on the site, particularly during the daily updates which run each night and cause considerable load on the disk speeds.

We took a snapshot of the server environment just before we switched over, but there’s always a chance a minute amount of data was left on the old servers during the cut-over period, so I would ask all our managers and brokers to please take a moment to check their listings and ensure everything is as it should be.

Thanks again for your patience I know there is nothing worse than attempting to work on a slow site, hopefully this new hardware will serve us well into the next few years and keep everything running as it should! For any feedback or issues, please email

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  1. Well done!
    If you are in business today – using yesterdy’s tools … dont expect to be in business tomorrow.

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