Industry Pioneer, RAAS, unveils new brand and software

Contributed By: Chris Jones of RAAS on

RAAS Property Group has been entrenched in the MR industry since 2001. RAAS continues to expand and offer improved services , quality communication and digital enhancement

Most recently recognising the need to offer the best technology platforms , and after much review and research , the group has introduced a new CRM Eagle to its members.

This platform offers ease of use and outstanding digital  communication processes . As always RAAS has maintained  service levels though our dedicated membership , sales and administration support . These extensive resources are not offered by our competitors and has allowed the business to maintain its position as market leader in membership support and sales.  More so , despite dramatic increases in prices from third suppliers RAAS continues to offer very competitive membership fees whilst not reducing support and resources .

To reflect the companies commitment to our changing environment and growth of new technology RAAS has recently refreshed the brand to express the companies ability to change. Seen as an evolution of image and not a revolution RAAS continues to offer the expected levels of customer service whilst adapting to technological, social and industry developments.

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