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As an online real estate office servicing onsite managers, has over 400 building managers in our agency now. We’re marketing over 7000 rental properties per year and one thing our managers have been asking us for, for a very long time, is an Inspect Now Booking Button. The Inspect Real Estate (Booking Button) system allows prospective tenants to easily book inspections with managers at times convenient to both parties. It ensures less no-shows, drives more leads, and keeps prospects informed of any changes to the listings they’re enquiring about. It’s a very powerful and comprehensive system that is being used by most of the major letting agencies these days.

The only way to get such a button is to engage Inspect Real Estate who hold the exclusive rights to this button on (and coming soon to Domain), however due to their pricing model this has always proven prohibitively expensive for our business model, in the past. That all changed late last year when we entered discussions with the senior staff at Inspect and they were kind enough to offer to work with our agency to develop a specialised service that can support our managers. By teaming up with their connections provider – move-me-in, we are able to arbitrage some of the service costs. By white-labelling their service through their powerful API platform, we could centralise the service and reduce support burdens for Inspect Real Estate’s inhouse support team, and this brought the costs down further and allowed us to deliver this incredible tool to our onsite managers at no additional cost to them!

We kicked this off in earnest this month, and the initial results have been extremely promising.  In less than a month, the system has handled over 500 tenant requests so far! Inspect Real Estate’s own tenant app is said to be the 3rd largest source of tenant leads in the country after and (these stats don’t include – who we also find to be a massive source of leads for our managers).

As we’re now the only agency to combine,, Inspect Real Estate and Gumtree together (along with 10 other rental portals), we’re proud to offer the widest possible net to deliver the most rental leads to our managers of any onsite agency. We look forward to continuing to work with Inspect over the coming months to further streamline the system and drive even more enquiries to our managers.


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