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The knowledge a new entrant to the Management Rights Industry commences can be very limited, and more often than not, it is limited to the three days of industry licensing.

Significantly, many managers entering the Industry, are quite unsure what they have to do, what the role entails, how they do it, and where to turn when they have an issue.

Committees look at the experience of an incoming Building Manager at an assignment meeting and find it is their life experiences only that fills the skills requirements.  Certainly, backgrounds in maintenance, administration and the like are helpful, but is the lack of understanding setting a pathway to not achieving the best possible result?

Stephen West, Collaborator on the training handbook series, ‘ Professional Management Rights ‘ says, “This is not the fault of the applicant. The industry has not invested in appropriate education streams, and with little structured pre-training, new entrants commit to a multi million dollar business, without the foundations being understood.”

“To hear after a purchase, that a buyer did not know what Regulation Module their Scheme operated under or having to outsource the writing of their business plan just doesn’t make business sense.”

Volume One of the Professional Management Rights Training Handbook, focuses on the purchase phase and emphasises the significance of Industry Experts. It takes a prospective buyer from how the industry interacts with various Legislation and Acts, responsibilities to the Body Corporate, Partnerships, compliance with the Caretaking and Letting Agreements, and how the multiplier works amongst the twenty modules of learning.

The first handbook spans 270 pages, with the handover checklist covering fifty pages alone.

Volumes Two and Three will be released in the next two months. These stand-alone training handbooks will assist with business establishment and development, through to the business exit strategy.

A sample of Volume One can be downloaded from

p: 0434 915 516


Bio Stephen West

Management Rights Specialist & Mentor at Mentored Business Sales with Mark Bouris.

Highly experienced in all aspects of Management Rights and their operations.

Asset managed multiple properties, mergers, partnerships across Resorts, Holiday and Permanent complexes. Off the plan, multi-storey 220 apartment experience with Retail and F&B outlets.

Author of the Professional Management Rights series, the first definitive handbook outlining the nuances of the Management Rights Industry.

Engaged as a Speaker, Mediator and Collaborator, he ensures that the aspects of operations, sustainability and profitability are delivered in an environment of compliance and transparency.

Accredited as an Early Dispute Prevention Auditor, along with certifications in Workplace, Health and Safety and Corporate Governance, he ensures mentoring to Industry colleagues imparts rewarding results, both personally and financially.

Responsible for multi-million dollar acquisitions, his focus is firmly on the Management Rights Industry.

“I work with Management Rights businesses, to ensure they are sale-ready before that decision of selling is made, to ensure the best possible results are achieved by the Seller. I also ensure the Buyers are purchase-ready, by providing a high level of learning resources through our associated business (”

I am involved in negotiating sales from $500k to $20 million.


Professional Qualifications

Diploma in Airline Operations                                                            Qantas
Cert IV. Workplace Training and Assessment                                  Qantas
Graduate Certificate of Technology Management                           Swinburne University
Certificate IV Property Services (Operations)                                   Strata Community Association QLD
Financial Administration and System – Hospitality                       Cornell University, New York
Innovation, Leadership Excellence, Quality Service                       Disney Institute, Anaheim California
Accredited Compliance and Audit Practitioner                               ABMA
Early Dispute Prevention Practitioner                                              ABMA
Real Estate Agents Full License – QLD – 3153129
Corporate Governance                                                                         AICD


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