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ResortBrokers Sunshine Coast team has racked up $44 million in Management Rights’ sales in the area in the past financial year alone, including a number of high-profile record deals.Brokers Glenn Millar and Chenoa Daniel sold 26 Management Rights – averaging one every two weeks – and the Sunshine Coast surge shows no signs of waning.Notable sales with total combined asset sales of $ 18,389,770 and total combined real estate (within the sales) – $6,100,000 include: Noosa Pacific – Prime Waterfront Resort – Noosaville51 units in complexSale Price $7,823m – record price for a manager’s unit and record multiplier for Noosaville Maison Noosa – Absolute BeachfrontRead More →

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United we stand, divided we fight! FOR everyone involved in the business of Management and Letting Rights an important maxim is to concentrate on the things that unite us, rather than those that divide us. Because most ARAMA members work and live on-site in close proximity, they are often the target of people’s frustrations, and it can be a very stressful environment. Resident managers are there to create harmony, and not disharmony, but neighbourhood battles can be so toxic that Queensland had to introduce the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011. This was designed to overcome the increasing prevalence of neighbours in theRead More →

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With pandemic pet ownership at an all-time high, residential tenancy laws in Queensland are set to change on 1 October making it easier for rental property tenants to keep a pet. Changes that will, almost certainly, bring a flood of new pet applications to property managers.This guide, with particular focus on the impact of the new legislation to body corporate, is to assist our clients to manage the process, minimising disputes and any negative impact on landlords, property managers, and the body corporate committee.What does the legislation mean for landlords?Under the new legislation coming into effect on October 1, 2022:– Landlords will be unable toRead More →

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Whether you’ve newly purchased or have a well-established operation, preparing your Management Rights business for sale is an important scenario to consider in the back of your mind. It’s highly likely as a business owner, you will look to sell at some stage, therefore being informed about what you may need to prepare is an important step in the process. Preparing your Management Rights business for sale is not something that can be done overnight. It is a process that you need to be consciously thinking about from the very beginning when you have first purchased your business, and will often need to be re-evaluated.Read More →

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Each and every day we as property managers take on the task of ensuring that the properties we manage are fit and safe to live in for the tenants and to ensure minimal risk of liability for our lessors – very rarely do we stop to think about the safety of ourselves. As property managers, we’re responsible for assisting in the provision of a home for these tenants and therefore we become involved in the tenants’ everyday life in one way or another. We are collecting rent from the tenant so that they have a roof over their heads. We are also inspecting the premisesRead More →

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In a world where almost everything is paperless, keeping records and filing documentation is something that might slip your mind as you go about your usual business. While digitisation has made record keeping easier in some ways, it has also brought about some complexities. While there was a time when everything needed to be done in writing, nowadays a simple phone call can be enough to prompt action. Record keeping also goes beyond simply filing documentation. Think of all the ways you might interact with clients, whether that’s via phone, text, emails or in person. Good record keeping should encompass keeping details of all conversationsRead More →

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A recurring theme I encounter from onsite managers is “How can I stop someone stealing listings from my letting pool?”. Well next week TheOnsiteManager and Letts Rebuild are teaming up with ARAMA to deliver a 1 hour webinar and Q&A session with some excellent strategies and advice on this very subject. Make sure you tune in you’ll definitely learn a few things! Register for the Webinar here: – it is free for ARAMA members. We will also be posting the video afterwards here so keep an eye out for that if you miss it. Be sure to post any questions you may have onRead More →

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Editor: This article is discussing the South East Queensland rental market, in particular. Market conditions in other regions may differ. The rental market is PUMPING right now. I know this because my managers are complaining to me they’re getting too many enquiries to keep up. Prospective tenants are complaining to me no one is returning their calls or emails (again, because managers claim they don’t have time to do so). For the first time in our agency’s history, we’re struggling to meet our contractual obligation with for rental upgrades. We normally hit our quarterly rental upgrade obligations within the first 2 weeks of the quarter.Read More →

I’ve owned and managed holiday rentals for several years now, and one thing that has always concerned me is the prospect of dirty greasy nasty little hooligans renting a property and turning it into a party house. The risks of such an incident are obvious: Property damage, noise complaints, theft, fights and assaults, and possibly even local council issues. Here’s the steps I’ve taken to greatly reduce these risks to almost zero! Property Descriptions Pay attention to how you’re presenting your holiday accommodation in your marketing. I always make an effort to clearly state in the marketing that the property is not a party house,Read More →