Management and Letting Rights Quarterly Pulse – May 2018

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The general tightening of the market we reported upon from June 2017 to January 2018 appears to be have ended and the listings’ for the businesses are now growing again and the time on the market has gone up 10 days to 86 days on average.  In the May18 quarter 73 more businesses came onto the market than the previous quarters.  The multipliers also reduced slightly which have been a result of the market conditions. 

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‘On the Market Analysis’ – Market Pulse

· The difference in Purchase Price because of the agreement type is;

· 92% of all Stock is for sale in Qld.
· 64% of Permanents on the Market are an Accommodation Module.
· Average of 176 days from listing to settlement – at least 86 days on the market plus a 90 day settlement period – 6 months.
· Letting Pool Coverage – proportion of the total units to those within the Pool.  Agreement Coverage – refers to % of total agreement term available upon purchase.          

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