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There’s a bloke in France working on an idea to use commercial passenger jet cargo space for paying guests. Apparently if the idea works, passengers will get some sort of view from a converted loading door and the space will be designated as premium. As cargo bays are pressurised there’s plenty of oxygen so all that needs doing in order to be comfy is some form of temperature control. Cargo bays get a bit cold and moist at 30,000 feet I’m told. I had cause to reflect on all of this previously useless information recently, we’ll get to that ! This year marks an importantRead More →

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The announcement says it all. Having spent hours in a large aluminium cylinder we are invited to disembark, but please observe appropriate distancing. Face masks at all times, except when eating or drinking, so……..almost never. As always, the great unwashed leap from their seats and do that strange mad scramble to access overhead lockers and then stand stooping for 20 minutes while the air bridge is installed. Some things never change. Anyway, we’ll get to that. A while back I started prowling the house and showing signs of being less than content. As you know gentle readers, I am a man of sunny disposition andRead More →

“Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”Winston Churchill 1942. Churchill is of course famous for many an inspirational quote made all the more magnificent by virtue of the circumstances in which he found himself. I suspect somewhat more uplifting and motivating than the dross found on social media these days. Imagine addressing a population facing the existential threat that emerged in Europe in the late thirties and imploring the population to be the best they can be and to speak their own truth. Gimme a break! But, as always,Read More →

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For the third successive year Mike Phipps Finance have taken out the prestigious Onsite Manager’s Industry Excellence Award in Finance. At a gala event in Brisbane the Phipps Finance team were recognised by their peers and the industry as providing a standard of excellence worthy of recognition. “We started 12 years ago with a focus on service and reliability, and we’ve stuck to our plan, despite distractions and the temptations of cost cutting and lowest common denominator strategies” said director and founder Mike Phipps. “This award is particularly gratifying in terms of confirming our business model. We also have a wonderful team without whom theRead More →

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I read with some amusement that our friends in government have realised that all the disclosure and “lets treat people like idiots” regulations that we now “enjoy” may in fact be very confusing to the average borrower. Lenders are now being told to explain things in simple English and in a manner that is clear, concise and easily understood. Let’s call it a conversational style of communication like the bulletins we have been publishing for years. Given that it’s not unusual for a borrower to receive, inclusive of the Product Disclosure Statements, upwards of 500 pages of information from a bank this seems like aRead More →

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All caretaking agreements will provide for an annual review of the caretaker’s remuneration. Unless there has been a specific change that review will normally be on the anniversary of the commencement date of the agreement.  Remuneration reviews in agreements can be specified to occur by the greater (or lesser) of two methods.  They are most commonly reviewed by a fixed percentage, CPI or market review.  Care should be taken when considering the drafting of the review clauses to ensure they, firstly, work correctly and secondly, that there is sufficient detail included in the review clause  (particularly for a market review clause) which sets out theRead More →

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For our latest episode focusing on the Management Rights industry, Chris Lewis and Smiljan Jankovic (Management Rights Specialist, Archer Gowland Redshaw) host Vanessa Sciortino – Special Counsel, Nicholsons Solicitors. Throughout the episode, Vanessa & Smiljan provide the latest best-practice insights from a legal and accounting perspective involving Management Rights complexes. Across the discussion, each highlight the common issues associated with top-ups & exercising options (and the differences between the two), renewal strategies where a manager may find themselves in a dispute with their Body Corporate, the purchase process including the Body Corporate consent process, whether or not claw-back clauses continue to be relevant, and how best to support new entrants in theRead More →

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Kristine Lehmann, the principal of Lehmann Rights has kindly provided us with a series of really great industry discussions between herself and a number of industry leading experts. These are great, easily digestible 5 minute chats that offer some wonderful and current insight for those in and looking to enter this market. We’ll be bringing you a new one of these with each issue for the next couple of months.Read More →

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Before we begin. If you are an eternal optimist who never lets facts and history get in the way of your positive attitude perhaps return to Chrystal Karma Weekly and give this little story a miss. And now, let’s begin. We find ourselves in a unique situation. Never before in modern times have we seen a pandemic of the magnitude of the current Covid crisis. Of course, by magnitude I refer to the actual damage the virus has caused as compared to the damage the reaction to it has visited upon us. It turns out the interconnected world has its downside. I make the pointRead More →

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As I contemplate an attempt to make some sense in this article there’s an old English expression thatsprings to mind.“May you live in interesting times” is claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Whileseemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in “uninteresting times” thanin “interesting” ones, which are usually times of trouble. Talk about ironic alright.Anyway, I digress.Rather than write my usual meandering stream of consciousness I’ve decided to cut to the chase andoutline some specific thoughts that might hopefully assist buyers to navigate a management rightspurchase in a world of apparent uncertainty.The Fundamentals Have Not ChangedWhileRead More →