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I remarked to the managing director recently that the pursuit of perfection could drive a man insane. Yeah, I know, it’s a short drive. Her retort suggested that, through her presence, I had indeed succeeded in such a quest and miraculously I had remained mildly rational. For it is received wisdom that the MD is perfect and I should thank my lucky stars for her continued indulgence. I chose to reply with an ill-advised “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” remark. I’m sure that once I regain full use of my faculties and have the stitches removed, I will reflect and regret inRead More →

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The Managing Director and I recently returned from a sojourn to Canada and Alaska. Our mission, as I’m sure some of you will appreciate, was to use some Covid cancellation credits and continue our plan to spend every last cent before we fall off the twig. Hmmm, Covid credits. Whatever happened to Covid? We seem to have gone from being locked in our houses clinging to our last square of toilet paper with the stormtroopers outside to no longer being too worried about the dreaded plague. Talk about mass hysteria. Might be lessons in all that for the current wailing over other expected catastrophic crises,Read More →

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As I sit here in an airport lounge contemplating the meaning of life my thoughts turn to our national carrier, the flying kangaroo, the displayer of the Yes, the virtue signalling disgrace now facing multiple client lawsuits, to say nothing of the action commenced by the ACCC. All this before we even start to contemplate the cosy arrangements between government and Qantas to freeze a competitor out of the game and assist in customers being ripped off, cheated and treated appallingly. The latest accusations of Qantas selling tickets on cancelled flights sounds a lot like the “advice for no service” accusations aired during the bankingRead More →

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As some of you will know I’m a bit of a music nut. I find lyrics interesting and often ponder the meaning in popular songs. I’m also fascinated by the influence of love found and lost in modern music. I bet if you were forced to listen to only songs that didn’t mention love, relationships, heartache etc you’d soon get very sick of Midnight Oil preaching to you. Don’t get me wrong, a red hot band no doubt and a bit of preaching never hurt I guess. Maybe just dialled down a notch or two. Anyway, I’ve got the headphones on with songs of loveRead More →

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I find newborn infants interesting. They seem to appear with little personality and a case of sheer exhaustion, presumably due to the rigors of their recent journey. They spend most of their time sleeping or crying and apparently pining for a return to the warm safe place from whence they recently emerged. As such I’ve previously been one of those people who finds the little ones far more appealing once they become mobile and start to develop a personality. In the case of our 3 year old granddaughter that would be very mobile and some personality indeed! We love her dearly but after a dayRead More →

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Holmans is a well-recognised and respected name in the Management Rights industry. We provide comprehensive advice and personalised service to give you peace of mind – whether you are purchasing, managing, or selling your Management Rights Business. We take pride in presenting the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the business to service your needs. We, together with other specialist Management Rights advisors and agents, regularly host information workshops to provide you with a range of strategies to assist you to legally minimise your tax liabilities, increase your wealth, and protect your assets. Whether you are considering Management Rights as a business venture for theRead More →

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The REIQ says last month’s pause in interest rate hikes has proven to be a short-lived relief for mortgage holders, as the RBA has today hiked the cash rate by 25 basis points to 3.85% – the highest level since April 2012. REIQ COO Dean Milton said the RBA’s decision to forge ahead with its aggressive tightening cycle would weigh heavily on homeowners and investors. “We have seen regulatory chaos from State and Federal Governments, and whiplashing back to another interest rate rise only adds to this pain,” Mr Milton said. “There’s barely been time for the market to absorb the lagged impact of theRead More →

Ian Crooks – ResortBrokers Chairman Back in the ‘70s in my native New Zealand everyone used to talk about this sparkling paradise across the Tasman called the Gold Coast. When I first visited in ’79 the hype didn’t disappoint. I was absolutely blown away by it. It had a beachline of golden sand that seemingly stretched forever, luxury high-rise to rival Miami, and there was a real energy about the place. The tallest building at the time was a circular apartment building called Focus built by the late great Lou Ferro, who was a friend of mine. It was a tremendously eye-catching skyrise that lookedRead More →

The managing director and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. Yes, I know. How the hell could she have tolerated me for so long? Surely a mystery for the ages and not one I am keen to shine a light upon. In any event this significant life milestone was cause for both joy and reflection. How do relationships stand the test of time? In our case it’s very simple, I agree with everything she says and when that fails I correct her, seek medical attention for that nasty bump on my head and buy jewellery and fizzy drinks. She, on the other hand, putsRead More →

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has welcomed the RBA’s decision to leave cash rates on hold this month, an important pause after 10 consecutive rises took it to a near 10-year high of 3.6%. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said the pause was a welcome reprieve to homeowners and small businesses who were unfairly carrying the burden of fixing the inflation curse. “Around 650,000 households in Queensland are mortgaged and it’s likely the RBA’s aggressive tightening cycle is already weighing heavily on many mortgage holders,” she said. “A pause in interest rate hikes is an appropriate response at this time, allowing households and businessesRead More →