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THE RECENT UNPRECEDENTED FLOODING across Queensland and New South Wales devastated areas of both states. The massive downpours created trauma and turmoil, but at least those properties with a resident manager were in capable hands. Sadly, resident managers have had to become really good at disaster management in recent years. No one knows a building or its occupants better than a resident manager, and they are always on the spot to deal with a crisis immediately. In the last few years, our ARAMA members have had to manage just about every kind of natural and economic disaster. Their effectiveness is one of the reasons thatRead More →

Before I was thrust into Management Rights 18 years ago, quite by chance, I owned an apartment that had an onsite manager. The extent of my knowledge was that there was a mysterious old man who somehow ended up living in the office behind the lifts, who seemed obsessed with vacuuming hallways and if you used the spa after closing time, he’d come by and tell you to go to bed. That was all I knew. How this man came to be living in this office behind the lifts, why he was being paid to vacuum things, or by whom, and what higher power hadRead More →

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With new smoke alarm legislation taking effect at the start of 2022, by now you should have properties under your management upgraded to the new standards. This means having interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms and hallways, powered by mains electricity or a non-removable 10-year lithium battery to meet the requirements of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990. This article is brought to you by Detector Inspector… To book an inspection at your complex, go here: contact form If you are at all unsure of the status of the building you manage, or you require annual servicing to ensure continued compliance and supportRead More →

I joined ARAMA about six months ago – the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association. I’ve attended plenty of events with them since then (See the events section on TheOnsiteManager now: https://theonsitemanager.com.au/news/event/ ), and am proud to support the industry association that supports our industry. It’s important. So important, in fact, that TheOnsiteManager have now purchased 20 x six month memberships (value $330+GST) for onsite managers to join ARAMA and we’re giving them away for free! All you need to do is register here ( https://theonsitemanager.typeform.com/to/hRovk8Mz ), pay for the other six months, and a yearly ARAMA membership is all yours! This offer is open toRead More →

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If you came into the business of management and letting rights (MLR) because you saw an attractive balance sheet but have solely focused on the maintenance of gardens and not on the importance of marketing, then you have not set down the road for success. Our business is referred to as ‘Management and Letting Rights’ for a reason. That is the resident manager has a dual role as both a caretaking service provider and an onsite letting agent. This dual role  provides an opportunity to market services to a number of different target markets.   To define, a target market ‘is a group of existingRead More →

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With Spring only a week away, now is the PERFECT time to book your complex in for an external clean during these few quiet weeks before the school holiday rush. Ensure your building is sparkling with resplendence with Complex External Cleaning (CEC). CEC work with onsite managers to deliver professional building and townhouse complex exterior cleaning solutions. As treasurer of a body corporate I’ve recommended Complex External Cleaning to our committee for this task in our building. Our manager got quotes from several companies and CEC offered not only the best price, but also the best service. They can do full building cleans, window cleaning,Read More →

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The importance of maintenance for Resident Unit Managers For resident unit managers (RUMs), maintaining a site in good order is just one of the tasks you have on hand, and undoubtedly one of the most important ones. A poorly maintained property can lead to dissatisfied clients, and potentially costly litigation. Let’s take a look at what can happen when maintenance is not carried out to an appropriate standard, and what resident unit managers need to keep in mind when appointing contractors.… Tommy* was a resident unit manager looking after a holiday apartment complex in a popular tourist destination. He received an online booking from Lily*,Read More →

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Since I was involuntarily thrust into this industry 15 years ago, I have long concluded, and thus argued that onsite managers make ideal candidates for investment property management. Onsite Managers live on site (ya don’t say, Nick?) and have invested on site so they have a vested interest in ensuring quality tenants are selected for the property. They keep maintenance costs low without the need for costly call-out fees for basic issues. They know the building intimately, being privy to the body corporate committee’s wishes and also the rental demand inside the complex and the area as a whole. A good onsite manager, armed withRead More →

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The job of an on-site manager can be a difficult one.  It necessitates a delicate balance between maintaining a good relationship with lot owners and occupants on the one hand, and ensuring adherence to the Body Corporate scheme by-laws on the other. This was illustrated in a recent case in the Southport Magistrates Court, in which Short Punch & Greatorix successfully acted for a manager. In this instance, the manager had been concerned with ensuring that the pool and spa area of his building were operated in a manner that was compliant with the scheme by-laws. The building had, amongst its occupiers, a number ofRead More →