The secret to driving up your Trip Advisor ranking

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The secret to driving up your Trip Advisor ranking up is by getting your most satisfied guests to post a review. If you don’t have an automated feedback system that allows quick responses back to the guest, a senior person such as the FOM should be writing back to these guest via a well as a written email, providing the link to your Trip Advisor Page and offering personal assistance with their next stay. Out of 10 guests that you will email a follow-up thank-you and suggestion to post a review, about 3 or 4 will actually post because you have simply asked the question. Over time, these 3 or 4 extra reviews become the game charger. Well written responses are also key and if you cannot keep up with the posts, it should be shared between a couple of people. Trip Advisor works on trending so it wont take long to start moving the ranking. Keep a record of the difference between “Excellent” and “Very Good” and as you increase the gap between these 2 ratings, your overall ranking will start to climb. Send out updates regularly at the very least every 2 months to keep staff interested and buying in on the challenge. Send another update if you have reached a milestone like Ranking Position #20 or whatever is applicable. When sending the update, forward the previous update so people can scroll down the email and see the improvement that has occurred.  I cover Managing your Trip Advisor page as part of my consulting services. I provide templates on how to suggest to a guest to post as review on Trip Advisor and how to respond to any review professionally with empathy. Your guest satisfaction is on the public record so it is imperative you have some kind of strategy to manage this. Higher ranking positions on Trip Advisor will see your property found more often in search engines.


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