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Think back to a time when websites were merely an imaginary idea, rather like the concept cars of the future, considered impossible by the masses. Most couldn’t even visualize Google, it was just a funny word, spoken but rarely understood.

Most of us couldn’t picture in our minds how a customer in the United States might be able to tap a few keys on his keyboard to book a hotel in Australia. How could that possibly happen without a phone or a fax?

And just what was this thing called the Internet that none of us could see but which was creating immense wealth for those smart enough to jump on board the train as it left the station.

Fast forward 15 years or so and now we are giving birth to a generation with Google and the Internet ingrained in their DNA.

This leads us to the question; Why are hotels still using a traditional PMS system?

Why are staff standing behind a front desk, whilst their valued guests struggle across the foyer with luggage and kids in tow?

Why does the room attendant who greets me as I exit my room still call me Madam and not by my name?

Why has hotel technology not changed in all this time?

Well now it has, it’s called ‘Mobile first’ technology. Technology that is designed for mobile, not just adapted for it. Mobile first technology allows you to access the critical aspects of your PMS whilst on the go.

Some property managers think they have this capability, however when they lose internet connectivity, they soon realise they are on a cloud-hosted service only, not a ‘mobile first’ service. Cloud to most suppliers means their customers can access their system through a browser, but once the internet or power goes down, their customers are in strife. ‘Mobile first’ technology allows you to access critical PMS information even when the internet is down. This would have been perfect for those affected by cyclone ‘Debbie’ in Queensland and Northern NSW recently.

By going ‘mobile first’, you are able to take your business wherever you go, leaving the shackles of your front desk behind. With peace of mind knowing you can access your business on the move, even without access to the internet, you have the confidence to do the things you need to do in your every-day busy schedule. You can run to the hardware store to get the pool part you need, or head down to the basement to fix a leak without a worry. Or more importantly giving you the freedom to spend more time with your customers or family.

Service is the number 1 request from guests around the globe, and if you’re tied to your front desk for fear of losing visibility over your business then you can’t deliver the most important thing your guests want – Service. Efficiencies in your business and great customer care are ONLY possible if your business is truly mobile, so don’t risk missing this train as it leaves the station again, it could prove costly to your business!

Sylvia Johnston
Senior Executive
HiRUM Software Solutions

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