Hands Up Who Wants To Join ARAMA?!

Contributed By: Nick Buick on

I joined ARAMA about six months ago – the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association. I’ve attended plenty of events with them since then (See the events section on TheOnsiteManager now: https://theonsitemanager.com.au/news/event/ ), and am proud to support the industry association that supports our industry. It’s important. So important, in fact, that TheOnsiteManager have now purchased 20 x six month memberships (value $330+GST) for onsite managers to join ARAMA and we’re giving them away for free! All you need to do is register here ( https://theonsitemanager.typeform.com/to/hRovk8Mz ), pay for the other six months, and a yearly ARAMA membership is all yours! This offer is open to any onsite managers in Australia who are not currently with ARAMA.

You will have access to social events and expos, discounted training and professional development, fantastic industry resources and paperwork, counselling and support, and industry advocacy and lobbying to protect the interests of onsite managers around Australia. …and of course, you get a 10% discount with TheOnsiteManager for the LIFETIME of your account.

Why are we doing this? Well… We sat down and reviewed our advertising budget for the year, and figured we could spend a small fortune on Facebook ads and line Mark Zuckerberg’s pockets but sometimes the best advertising is plain old fashioned goodwill. So instead of doing that, we decided to take the money, and invest it directly back into our own industry. It helps ARAMA, it helps onsite managers, and it helps our industry, and that helps all of us. We can’t say better than that!

Hurry, this offer Is strictly limited to the first 20 managers who apply; it is for new ARAMA members only. Offer is available to ALL onsite managers anywhere in Australia, whether you’re part of TheOnsiteManager agency or not. It’s an incredible deal and I hope you’ll take advantage. Register here, now:  https://theonsitemanager.typeform.com/to/hRovk8Mz


  1. Thanks Nick,
    Really appreciate your efforts. It’s always seemed a bit of an expense not worth it for my tiny little management rights. But you never know, I may be surprised.

    All the best, deb

  2. This is fantastic Nick! Well done.

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