Introducing the Industry Recommended Professional!

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I frequently speak with managers who are frustrated by the standard of service offered up by so-called specialists in Management Rights, who in reality, have limited experience and knowledge of this industry and result in unnecessary professional fees and cost blowouts. Existing “industry accreditation programs” appear to me as little more than pay-for-play operations that exist purely to sell magazine advertising, where anyone can be ‘accredited’ if they simply open their chequebook. This doesn’t help our industry, in my opinion, as such we have set out to develop a program that has complete financial independence and is entirely merit based, as measured by the management rights industry, itself.

Introducing the Industry Recommended Professional! The Industry Recommended Professional is a program we have launched recently to recognise service providers who achieve exceptional levels of professionalism and integrity, as identified by our managers. Such providers are nominated for the position by our managers and can be identified by the Industry Recommended Professional decal (pictured) on their stationary and marketing material. This decal is your assurance of quality; it confirms that the professional you are engaging has not only proven past experience specialising in this industry, but has also built a reputation of excellence within it. It is hoped the Industry Recommended Professional will make the process of selecting service providers simpler, and faster, and more reliable for our managers.

Our vision is to deliver a program that cannot be bought into. The only way to receive a recommendation is to *actually* be recommended by our many hundreds of building managers. No money changes hands to qualify for a recommendation. Each of our 500 or so managers are encouraged to vote on their recommended professionals across a range of categories:

Accountants / Auditors;
Management Rights Brokers;
Insurance Providers;
Relief Managers;
Body Corporate Management;
Finance Lenders / Brokers;
Solicitors and Legal

It is entirely free for professionals to participate in this program, but nominations are purely merit based, they absolutely cannot be bought. If your organisation operates in any of the above fields, you can register your business now (if you haven’t already done so) here: (note: all service providers included in our trade directory are already considered candidates for voting). Once registered, your company will be included in voting forms. You can encourage any managers you’ve worked with to vote for you from their control panel.

At the end of the year we will announce the winners of the most votes in each category. Winners will receive the Industry Excellence Award at our inaugural awards night in recognition of their outstanding peer-voted performance. It should be a fantastic evening, so be sure to get involved in the program! Get registered or get voting, keep an eye out for your invitation coming soon.


  1. We hope you had a wonderful night where are the photos of the Winners

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