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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) says it’s disappointed that the Property Law Bill has been prematurely introduced into Parliament while there’s still material matters to be worked through. The Bill seeks to implement a formal seller disclosure regime in Queensland. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said while the real estate peak body supported the introduction of a uniform statutory seller disclosure regime, this support was subject to the establishment of appropriate disclosure parameters and reasonable costs and accessibility to information associated with disclosure requirements. The REIQ has raised a number of concerns with the proposed legislation including: – impractical and unnecessarily complex requirements associatedRead More →

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There’s more to managing risk than insurance 6 pillars of managing risk in a service based business There’s not much in life that comes without risk – whether it’s starting a business, or even just crossing a road. When it comes to running your business, the biggest risk in your mind is probably not making a profit. However, events such as a client tripping over and injuring themselves while at your premises, or having legal action taken against you due to advice you provided are also incidents that can have a substantial impact on your business. While you might hold insurance to help cover youRead More →

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How bushfires may shape Australian housing design The devastation caused by bushfires have become a regular, unfortunate part of the Australian climate. Communities impacted watch (somewhat helplessly) as their properties, wildlife and vegetation are engulfed by flames. It’s unlikely bushfires are going to stop anytime soon, but with the intensity of them increasing, coupled with the effects of drought and extreme temperatures, it’s clear there are further challenges ahead in terms of adapting and ensuring communities are equipped to better withstand the impacts. While steps have been taken in Australian housing architecture to better enable resilience and cope with bushfires, there is still a wayRead More →

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The Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) is encouraging Queenslanders to check their pool measures up with safety laws this summer.  As we spend more time in and around the pool this summer, it’s important for tenants and property managers/owners to understand their responsibilities when it comes to pool safety.   Safety standards  Under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 (The Act), property owners are required to adhere to laws regarding the health and safety of people using or entering a property. This means being aware of and abiding by pool safety laws and standards under the Building Act 1975 if there is a pool on the property and theRead More →

THE Awards 2022 was a resounding success and everyone had a fantastic evening. A special thanks to our sponsors: HiRUM, Schindlers Lifts Australia, McAdam Siemon Accountants and Mike Phipps Finance for making the event possible. Here’s the professional images from the evening. We can’t wait to see you all next year!Read More →

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In a world where almost everything is paperless, keeping records and filing documentation is something that might slip your mind as you go about your usual business. While digitisation has made record keeping easier in some ways, it has also brought about some complexities. While there was a time when everything needed to be done in writing, nowadays a simple phone call can be enough to prompt action. Record keeping also goes beyond simply filing documentation. Think of all the ways you might interact with clients, whether that’s via phone, text, emails or in person. Good record keeping should encompass keeping details of all conversationsRead More →

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Nick Buick from will be speaking with Frank Higginson and Vanessa Sciortino from Hynes Legal this week on their weekly webinar. Topics will be the ever-changing Covid landscape and current rental demand. Tune in via the link below – 2PM Thursday the 25th of November!Read More →

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The importance of maintenance for Resident Unit Managers For resident unit managers (RUMs), maintaining a site in good order is just one of the tasks you have on hand, and undoubtedly one of the most important ones. A poorly maintained property can lead to dissatisfied clients, and potentially costly litigation. Let’s take a look at what can happen when maintenance is not carried out to an appropriate standard, and what resident unit managers need to keep in mind when appointing contractors.… Tommy* was a resident unit manager looking after a holiday apartment complex in a popular tourist destination. He received an online booking from Lily*,Read More →

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Every so often we experience things that have a huge impact on our lives. 2015 was a year I won’t forget, for two reasons. Firstly, (and, admittedly, most importantly) it was my introduction to motherhood – no amount of study could have prepared me for that! Secondly, when I enthusiastically returned from maternity leave in January 2016, I found my industry had been turned upside down from a surprising tribunal decision that occurred in 2015. Six years later, after I drop my gorgeous son off to school in the morning, I’m back in the office continuing to deal with the aftermath of that pesky “GalleryRead More →

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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Working Remotely Over the years, experts have highlighted numerous benefits of working from home – from improved work/life balance; reducing traffic congestion and even helping reduce the cost of office rent. Whatever your reasons are for working from home, or allowing your staff to do so, there are a few boxes you’ll want to make sure you’re ticking to ensure your employees have the best experience, and prepare your business for some additional complexities having a mobile workforce can bring. 1. You’re still responsible for the health & safety of your employees. Your employees may not be inRead More →