Introducing the Industry Recommended Professional

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We are thrilled to launch our Industry Recommended Professional program! Below is a Q&A explaining the program, its benefits and how it works.

What Is the Industry Recommended Professional program?
Our industry has entered an age where the quantity of suppliers is great, but often the quality of work offered is not. Managers and prospective managers expend considerable time and money in their efforts to source professional service providers who understand this industry and specialise in it. The Industry Recommended Professional program allows such service providers to rapidly and easily distinguish themselves as authorities both trusted, and respected in our Management Rights industry. It is a seal of approval, achieved by earning the endorsement of experienced managers and peers working in this industry.

How Much Does It Cost To An Industry Recommended Professional?
Unlike other preferential supplier ‘arrangements’, this program is free and nominations cannot be bought! The Industry Recommended Professional decal is a badge of honour awarded only to businesses that have distinguished themselves to Management Rights clients as specialists operating at the highest levels of professionalism in our industry. No financial gain is therefore sought for awards, we care only about the quality of the nominations. This program is therefore free for all businesses to enter and receive nominations. It is based entirely on integrity and merit. All 400 of our managers, and all previously nominated businesses are eligible to vote in all fields (with exception of their own) and are highly encouraged to do so. By focusing this program on merit rather than money it is hoped that the Industry Recommended Professional program will become the benchmark by which professional service providers are measured in the industry.

How do I become an Industry Recommended Professional?
The first step toward this goal is to register your business in our Directory Of Suppliers (click here to register now). It is 100% free to register (again, our motivation here is not money). Registering gives your business several great benefits. It will instantly add you to our directory, allowing you to be informed any time a manager is seeking services in your field. It promotes your organisation on our website, including your logo, contact details, profile and even an SEO optimised backlink to your own website. It allows you to submit articles to our website (25,000 visits per month) and newsletter (10,000 subscribers and 2 issues per month) and social channels (20,000 engagements per month) for possible publication. Being registered in our Directory Of Suppliers also means your business will appear in the nomination form shown to all managers and peers for nomination.

Who can nominate an Industry Recommended Professional?
Nominations can be taken from any of our 400 licenced onsite managers; also, nominations can also be taken from any organisation operating in a different field to yours, already recognised as an Industry Recommended Professional (EG: an Industry Recommended Professional Accountant can nominate a law firm that they may have worked with in the past). If you receive a nomination you will be informed by email and given a link to the nomination system and decal artwork.

What are the benefits of being an Industry Recommended Professional.
Recognition is the main objective of the program. We want to make it easier and faster for managers to determine quality suppliers who understand their industry.
By joining the ranks of dedicated professionals who qualify for this program you gain some great benefits:
• You can DISPLAY the Industry Recommended Professional decal on your stationary, marketing material and at your premises wherever you feel it will help you attract more business;
• You can NOMINATE other Industry Recommended Professionals (in fields which are not in conflict with your own);
• You can PARTICIPATE in the program by promoting your organisation on our website in the Industry Recommended Professional showcase;
At the end of each year we’ll be staging an industry awards night. Those organisations who receive the highest number of nominations through the year in their chosen field will receive an Industry Excellence Award for outstanding peer-voted performance. It’s going to be a fantastic night that we can all look forward to!

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