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If you have even a passing interest in federal politics, you will have seen the furore over Bronwyn Bishop’s recent taxpayer funded chopper flight to a Liberal fundraiser which was only an hour or so away by car. No doubt it was the easiest $5,000 she ever spent at the time. When it came to light there was quite legitimate outrage about the spending, and the sole defence seems to be that it was ‘within guidelines’. Some guidelines they must be. It has since been paid back. And so no one thinks we are singling out the Liberals, if you want to see what happens on the ‘other’Read More →

There’s a lot of development going on right now, particularly in Brisbane. The sheer size and number of new apartment buildings that are coming online is placing some strain on existing managers trying to find tenants to fill vacancies. According to senior economist Dr Andrew Wilson from Domain, increased stock will have a short-term impact on rent in Brisbane while the additional stock is being filled. “Even though we might see some over-supply impact the market, Brisbane will generate an inner-city lifestyle,” Dr Wilson said. “It might happen (over-supply) in the short to medium-term, but the outlook for that type of development in Brisbane isRead More →

We at recently partnered with 1300-Unite to deliver professional tradesmen to onsite managers. Our one-stop-service shop is dedicated to helping Onsite Managers with anything that you need from installing a dishwasher, replacing a carpet, unlocking an apartment, fixing your blinds, pest control, you name it! All our service providers are: licenced, insured, police checked and they’re standing by, in your area, right now! Best of all, our service is lightning fast and incredibly easy to use! You simply type in what you need done in a couple of words, along with your name, address, phone and email, and our system operators will carefully sortRead More →