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THE RECENT UNPRECEDENTED FLOODING across Queensland and New South Wales devastated areas of both states. The massive downpours created trauma and turmoil, but at least those properties with a resident manager were in capable hands. Sadly, resident managers have had to become really good at disaster management in recent years. No one knows a building or its occupants better than a resident manager, and they are always on the spot to deal with a crisis immediately. In the last few years, our ARAMA members have had to manage just about every kind of natural and economic disaster. Their effectiveness is one of the reasons thatRead More →

Before I was thrust into Management Rights 18 years ago, quite by chance, I owned an apartment that had an onsite manager. The extent of my knowledge was that there was a mysterious old man who somehow ended up living in the office behind the lifts, who seemed obsessed with vacuuming hallways and if you used the spa after closing time, he’d come by and tell you to go to bed. That was all I knew. How this man came to be living in this office behind the lifts, why he was being paid to vacuum things, or by whom, and what higher power hadRead More →

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FINEXIA Securities have analysed our data to release the latest Quarterly Pulse. See below for details. Management Rights For Sale – Market Snapshot – April 2022 Data Provided by TheOnsiteManager website. Management Rights for Sale – Market Analysis – April 2022 Letting Pool Coverage – proportion of the total units to those within the Pool Agreement Coverage – refers to % of total agreement term available upon purchase.Read More →

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There’s a bloke in France working on an idea to use commercial passenger jet cargo space for paying guests. Apparently if the idea works, passengers will get some sort of view from a converted loading door and the space will be designated as premium. As cargo bays are pressurised there’s plenty of oxygen so all that needs doing in order to be comfy is some form of temperature control. Cargo bays get a bit cold and moist at 30,000 feet I’m told. I had cause to reflect on all of this previously useless information recently, we’ll get to that ! This year marks an importantRead More →