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A specialist marketing service for accommodation providers of all shapes and sizes With discussion evolving around more international travel bubbles opening, what are you doing now to ensure the domestic travel market continues to stay with you? Some accommodation providers are currently experiencing high occupancy, but have you thought ahead to when the domestic goldmine is diluted by international appeal? As travel options continue to progress it is important to understand what you can be doing today to ensure these high occupancy rates continue tomorrow. The way people shop, buy and book has changed, meaning having an effective digital presence is key to ensure youRead More →

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Editor: This article is discussing the South East Queensland rental market, in particular. Market conditions in other regions may differ. The rental market is PUMPING right now. I know this because my managers are complaining to me they’re getting too many enquiries to keep up. Prospective tenants are complaining to me no one is returning their calls or emails (again, because managers claim they don’t have time to do so). For the first time in our agency’s history, we’re struggling to meet our contractual obligation with RealEstate.com.au for rental upgrades. We normally hit our quarterly rental upgrade obligations within the first 2 weeks of the quarter.Read More →

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Kristine Lehmann, the principal of Lehmann Rights has kindly provided us with a series of really great industry discussions between herself and a number of industry leading experts. These are great, easily digestible 5 minute chats that offer some wonderful and current insight for those in and looking to enter this market. We’ll be bringing you a new one of these with each issue for the next couple of months.Read More →

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We were forwarded an interesting proclamation from the garrulous folks at AccomProperties this week stating rather spuriously their website was achieving “record sales activity”, and conflating this with a misleading side-by-side graphic of our site which apparently “speaks for itself”. They had of course rated themselves A and us F based on a mysterious “G.T. Metrix”… Now look, I love a good Gin & Tonic as much as the next guy, and I’m sure it’s a great metrix on a hot summer’s day (keeps the malaria away after all) but I wouldn’t be measuring my website’s performance as an effective marketing portal on a G.T.Read More →