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Pokemon Go is all over the news with stories of people walking out onto roads into the path of cars and others being lured into areas and then attacked. Someone has reportedly gone so far as to quit their job to play it full time. These are obviously extreme examples. What has been happening on a daily basis and which has only been touched upon in the news is that some property owners have been inundated with strangers entering their property when playing their game. This blog is to highlight some of the issues for owners corporations and community associations. First, what is Pokemon GO?Read More →

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There have been many of articles written on the Management Rights business model in Queensland over the years. Multipliers in Management Rights are one of the key areas that people are keen to find out more about. Like most business operations the model is the same however the individual businesses can vary considerably. Management Rights are no different. A real estate agency or a McDonalds franchise, they are all individual businesses but have an overlying business model structure in place. The management rights business model has some real strengths when we compare to various other models. If we look at some of these strengths: The BC salary, or often known as the remuneration,Read More →

Some time ago I published an article on what I thought was reasonable for a Body Corporate to request from a buyer of management rights, in considering whether or not a Body Corporate committee should consent to the transfer of management rights agreements to the buyer (See the original article here). This is an important issue, because under the Body Corporate and Community Management legislation, a Body Corporate committee must not unreasonably withhold approval to a transfer. Under the legislation, one of the matters which a Body Corporate committee may have regard to is the financial standing of the proposed transferee. My opinion as expressed in my previous article wasRead More →