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Since retirement, I mentor clients in Set Up & Induction for caretaker/letting assignments.I focus on skills Gaps  specific to a specific Community Titles Scheme CTS. I have developed a generic online Knowledge Base:  It: draws upon “in the trenches” experience as a service provider; is rich in shared best practice insights/graphics that can inspire, motivate and empower; complements elearning in cloud based business productivity platforms including web design;  gives comfort to a CTS committee as to “performance potential”. Group Dynamics:Content is offered under a Creative Commons license.No login is required.  Anyone with a personal Gmail account or Google Workspace (formally Gsuite) subscription can access and begin self paced applicationCollaborators can edit/modify contentIndustry wide training interventionRead More →

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We have received a lot of feedback recently from our managers that Premier Sales Upgrades on are very expensive (well, yes, no kidding!). There’s 4 reasons for this: Firstly, yes, Premier upgrades are the top level of upgrade and so they command a top level price. This can be problematic when you’re an onsite manager selling low-cost product like half million dollar apartments and competing with agents selling five million dollar houses. Secondly, a lot of franchise agents are on Premier All plans. These make premier listings orders-of-magnitude cheaper for such agents – and again when they are raking in fifty grand in commissionRead More →

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We’re currently assisting a large number of hotels and resorts fill their lease-backs with short term tenancies to help keep them afloat. I put together this video to take our new users through the process of advertising a rental. This video is aimed at first-time users but veterans will also find some valuable information in here as well.Read More →