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Contributed By: Hynes Legal on

Governments create laws.  Courts and tribunals interpret those laws when they make decisions on disputes.  We all then rely on those interpretations as gospel in terms of what the legislation actually means. Industry always holds its breath when what has been a long-standing practice or assumption is appealed. Higher authorities can overturn the decisions of lower ones. Take the deck dispute that went all the way to the High Court, with opposing decisions along the way. The other recent example was the decision on the timing for commencement of proceedings for recovery of body corporate debts.  A lower court interpreted a time frame that no one had operatedRead More →

Contributed By: Wesley Venz. Principle of Venz Management Rights Buyers Agency on

Management Rights is a unique and specialised industry. After all, what other small business do you require an educational qualification and a licence before you can operate the business? For those of you looking into this industry, the easiest way to obtain up-to-date, factual information is to attend a Management Rights Buyers Seminar. The REIQ (Real Estate Institute of QLD) is the original provider of the Management Rights seminars. Starting in the 1990’s, they are conducted by current professionals who work in the industry and are designed for people interested in learning more about Management Rights. The point of difference with this seminar is thatRead More →

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Irony: noun; the expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. I’ve got this mate, well, more a long term acquaintance really. Known her since I was in my teens. Purely platonic relationship over the past 40 years and we still catch up regularly to this day. She was pretty popular back in the day and had most of the local boys tied in knots. Even after 40 years she’s still a very attractive lady, super intelligent and very professional, at least to the casual observer. She’s had an interesting life and recently called me to seeRead More →