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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) says consecutive lifts in the state’s quarterly residential vacancy rate is a promising sign that rental conditions are improving. The REIQ Residential Vacancy Rate Report for the June 2023 Quarter, released today, covers 50 local government areas (LGAs) and sub regions in Queensland, and comes as the state-wide vacancy rate rose to 1.0% for the first time since December 2021. While the vacancy rate remains ‘tight’ (0 – 2.5%) across the vast majority of Queensland, over the June quarter it relaxed in 38 regions, held steady in three, and tightened in nine. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said theRead More →

Does that bulletin title put the shivers up your spine or what ! The statement is mostly delivered with a feeling of foreboding by someone you love, fear, admire, respect…… whatever. When I hear it from the managing director, I assume a dire transgression and very very unpleasant consequences, even when I can’t recall doing anything wrong. My brain moves immediately to a state of terrified guilt from which I have no chance of countering the discussion to come. And that’s a shame because we really do need to talk. In this age of digital communication, I reckon we’ve lost the ancient art of effectiveRead More →

Think management rights is beyond your financial reach? A syndicate may be your ticket in. Management rights newcomers Craig and Danielle Dunne used a syndicate to enter the industry to operate three of Yeppoon’s best properties. Here’s how they did it. Growing up on a cattle property west of Yeppoon, the idea of operating a management rights business was not on Craig Dunne’s horizon. The 35-year-old became a sparky straight out of school and fell into work as a fly-in-fly-out electrician at mining sites in Queensland. The prospect of running a hotel just wasn’t in his frame. “I had a good trade background but wasRead More →

Smoking and vaping have long been contentious issues within the realm of body corporates, often causing frustration among residents and committees alike. The battle to strike a balance between the rights of smokers and non-smokers has persisted for years, as both groups seek to coexist harmoniously within shared living spaces.   While smokers argue for their right to indulge in their own properties, non-smokers advocate for a smoke-free environment where they can breathe freely. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the key rules and regulations that clarify where smoking and vaping are allowed within a body corporate.   By understanding these guidelines, weRead More →

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Thank you for registering for our recent webinar “How to win the listing” with Kelley Rigby from Letts Group and NickBuick from The Onsite Manager. As we know an onsite managers day is unpredictable, we wanted to ensure you could still gain access to the valuable information shared during the event, I am pleased to attach the recording of the webinar to this email. This recording will allow you to review key points and share the knowledge gained. We hope it will serve as a helpful resource in your ongoing pursuit of protecting, defending and growing your business. Please feel free to share the recordingRead More →

During a recent Q&A session with Strata Operations Manager Matthew Savage, we shared valuable insights regarding the roles and responsibilities of lot owners and body corporates concerning landscaping in strata properties.   This article aims to provide clear guidance on this matter using the example of Bridgeman Greens, a building format plan of subdivision.   If you have any questions regarding body corporate, you can submit them here.   About Bridgeman Greens Bridgeman Greens is a small, residential subdivision located in the prestigious Brisbane suburb of Bridgeman Downs.   This complex is a standard building format plan, meaning lot owners are granted exclusive use rights over their individual backyards orRead More →

Common groud. It’s an important area in any strata scheme, and it’s also the most important area in the relationships that decide whether a Management and Letting Rights business can succeed. A community title scheme is like a magnifying glass of society. It can amplify so many of the good things we enjoy – good friends, beautiful views and wonderful communal amenities in locations by the beach or by a golf course that many owners could not enjoy if they were buying a suburban house. But community title strata schemes can also magnify problems, and finding common ground with owners, tenants, and body corporate committeesRead More →

Premier Plus for TheOnsiteManager.com.au managers

For years now, managers have despaired at the huge cost for Premier ads on RealEstate.com.au. We all know ( as carefully researched here: https://theonsitemanager.com.au/news/feature-listing-upgrade-value-quantified-a-case-study/ ) that upgrade listings acheive a vastly quicker settlement time than standards… and just recently RealEstate.com.au were kind enough to allow us to nominate some of our stubborn sales listings to Premier Plus to see what we thought of it. The manager whose listing was chosen said the difference was, and I quote directly: “night and day”. She’d had a 7-figure apartment stuck on the market for a month with barely a nibble and the owner was about to pull the lotRead More →

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With inflation moderating, productivity levels falling, job vacancies declining, household savings eroding, and business insolvencies increasing, the REIQ says today’s pause on the cash rate was a sensible decision given mixed economic signals. Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Chief Operating Officer Dean Milton said business owners, mortgage holders, aspiring home owners, and renters who hoped the new financial year would bring interest rate reprieve would be nicely surprised. “In our view, there were enough economic factors at play to warrant a stop or at least a pause to the steep tightening cycle, so this comes as welcome news,” Mr Milton said. “With 12 risesRead More →

The concept of a ‘partnership’ or ‘syndicate’, whereby a group of investors pool their financial resources to leverage their purchasing power to acquire an asset, is by no means a new one. Such arrangements have been prevalent in the commercial property and freehold hotel/motel market for decades. In the management rights industry, syndicates are becoming increasingly common in the purchase of large-scale, high netting businesses. So, what are the key components of a management rights syndicate? What do they offer to their partners? And what advantages do they hold over other operational/investment models? PARTNER ROLESAs the name suggests, partnerships are established by uniting a groupRead More →