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Industry newcomer AccomProperties are making some fairly outlandish claims about their web portal of late. I came across this rather amusing banner-ad while browsing the internet recently: Of the 2 line heading, they managed to squeeze 2 arguably false claims into their ad… I’m actually impressed – but not in a good way. Claim 1: is “…Australia’s Leading Management Rights Portal…” That’s a mighty big claim for a website that’s been around for what… 18 months? To inject some reality back into the discussion: our management rights portal has been operational since 2005, turns over ~1 million dollars a year, logs over 25,000 visits perRead More →

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Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot… Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi 1970. The story goes that Mitchell was inspired to write this tune on a trip to Hawaii. She threw open the hotel curtains to take in a mountain vista and was confronted by acres of concrete car park. We will come back to Joni later. This month’s dispatch comes to you from various locations in Switzerland and Italy where the managing director and I are taking in the so called holiday of a life time.Read More →

Contributed By: Wesley Venz. Principle of Venz Management Rights Buyers Agency on

In today’s world, we all want instant access to information, especially when you’re looking to buy. So why do some agents advertise management rights businesses with as little detail as possible? In some cases, even with no photos or generic images of a beach and a café. We all know what the beach and a café looks like! What about the actual location? You all want to know at least the name of the suburb, such as the awfully specific and informative ‘Greater Gold Coast’ or ‘Central Sunshine Coast’. Have you ever heard of these? Because I certainly haven’t! The Cambridge English Dictionary definition ofRead More →

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We are thrilled to be hosting our first ever industry night on the 19th of October 2018. This will be a black tie affair where the winners of our Industry Recommended Professional program are announced and receive their industry excellence awards for 2018. The event is scheduled for Friday October the 19th in Cloudland’s exclusive Heritage Room (Capacity for 200 guests). It’s a spectacular venue and we’ve organised an open bar, light food, DJ, door prizes and give-aways, and of course a great chance to meet and mingle with your fellow onsite managers and industry associates. So far over half of our managers tickets haveRead More →

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Join us for an in-depth educational event on the Management Rights industry Date: 22nd September 2018 Time: 8:30am – 1:00pm Venue: The Osprey Room, Belise, 510 St Pauls Terrace, Bowen Hills QLD For Further Information and to book tickets visit: Hear from Industry Experts; including: Michael Kleinschmidt, Legal Practitioner Director, Stratum Legal. Michael is the Director of Stratum Legal Pty. Ltd. a boutique law practice in Mooloolaba specialising in management rights. Hayden Rooney, Director, Reef Accountants. Hayden is the Director of Reef Accountants in Alexandra Headland.  A Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent with a specialisation in the Management Rights industry. Wayne Stoll, Agent,Read More →

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If you don’t know whether the cladding on your building is combustible (or to use the less scary word – non-conforming), you are soon going to be forced to find out. The issue over what cladding has been used on buildings crystallised after the Grenfell Tower fire in the UK in 2017.  Australia’s equivalent (without the horrific loss of life in Grenfell) was the Lacrosse Tower fire in Melbourne in 2014. The ABC’s Four Corners covered the issue in this excellent episode. Since then the wheels of respective state governments have turned very slowly.  Victoria has their cladding task force and has now come up with a rectification solution that will allow lot ownersRead More →

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TWO landmark oceanfront resorts on the Sunshine Coast and Fraser Coast changed hands today (August 1, 2018) with the settlement of separate blue chip management rights sales for a total of close to $15 million. Specialist agency Resort Brokers confirmed the multi-million dollar sales of Oceans Resort and Spa Hervey Bay and Rumba Resort Caloundra, both handled by Sunshine Coast broker Glenn Millar. Global hotel group Minor Hotels has bought the rights to the Hervey Bay resort from Oceans Queensland, a leading private operator associated with the former managing director of channels Nine, Seven and Ten, Gary Rice. The sale price was not disclosed. TheRead More →

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Lets face it, your owners COULD manage their own rentals, there’s nothing stopping them, they don’t even need to be qualified… But just because they could do something themselves, doesn’t make it a good idea. Your owner clearly understands that, it’s why they hired you. They made a conscious decision to appoint a trained, experienced, and professional manager to handle the marketing and management for them. They did this because they accept that there are certain tasks that are outside their area of expertise. They might be a really good doctor, pilot, or insurance salesman, but they know being good at whatever they’re good at,Read More →

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Article supplied by HiRUM, Original article from Snapshot With massive amounts of data now available to hotels, it’s safe to say that all future technologies will rely on data and integrations. The need for an independent system to collect and connect all existing data for hotels has become inevitable. Enter the data platform, but what does that mean and how does it work for hotels? Data analytics. Data intelligence. Harmonized data. Big data. We’ve all heard about the endless facets of data, but data is essentially worthless unless it is properly stored, intelligently related to the various parts, and made accessible to users and otherRead More →

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ACCOMMODATION business and property owners in Far North Queensland are taking advantage of buoyant market conditions to sell or trade up, say industry experts. The Cairns office of specialist commercial agency Resort Brokers Australia has settled 18 FNQ accommodation and hospitality property and business sales in the past year, said national sales manager Trudy Crooks. “Robust tourism growth is fuelling opportunities across the region, resulting in high levels of activity and strong demand for accommodation operations,” she said. “Our local office has transacted more than $22.5 million worth of property in 12 months.” In response, Resort Brokers Australia has recruited North Queensland business consultant andRead More →