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End of Month is called end of month for a reason ….to pay everyone at the end of the month. As a trust account trainer the most common question asked is “when do I do end of month?”. Some people are adamant that it should be done on the last day of the month as “that is the end of month” …others think it should be done on the first day of the month to include all of the transactions for the month prior; even if it is a weekend and others think that it needs to be done on the first business day ofRead More →

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Throughout the year, unit owners are issued with a number of body corporate meeting notices. These notices could include information related to committee meetings, voting outside of committee meetings (known as flying minutes), and the annual general meeting. Current legislation specifies these notices must be issued within certain timeframes, which range from 7 – 21 days (including postage) from the date of the meeting. This timing ensures that unit owners and committee members have enough time to consider the contents of the notice to make informed decisions. The information in the annual general meeting notice is essential to unit owners, as it contains details about body corporate levies forRead More →

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Acquiescence.  Such a beautiful word.  But not when it comes to by-law enforcement. Enforcing by-laws is not an optional activity. By-laws must be enforced, and the responsibility for their enforcement lies with the committee. There are a few golden rules that all committees must follow when it comes to by-law enforcement. The by-law enforcement process in the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 (BCCM Act) must be followed. The BCCM Act sets out a specific procedure for enforcing by-laws.  Regardless of your personal view on the effectiveness (or otherwise) of these procedures, the committee must follow them.  Deviate from the procedural requirements at yourRead More →

In our last bulletin we talked about our view that we are moving into a tighter credit environment in which bank lending guidelines will become stricter. We also talked about challenges existing borrowers are having with annual business loan reviews and extended interest only periods. The reaction to this bulletin has been remarkable with many business borrowers expressing concern around a range of experiences they are having with their lender. To be frank some of the concerns raised with us are of the borrower’s own making and reflected a lack of understanding of the terms and conditions of the loan. In many cases we haveRead More →

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September 1st 2016 saw us launch the new site interface. The objective was to ensure content and advertising was more integrated so the site flowed better, and also ensure we had better support for mobile devices. Ensuring less pitfalls for our managers was also a big priority, so we now screen uploaded images to check they are named correctly, inspection times can now be added using an html5 calendar widget, and images are uploaded in sequence now so corrupt files are easier to spot. Other enhancements include the ability for Brokers to buy more featured listing credits as they need them. PDF brochures can nowRead More →