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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strata sector is facing some big issues. Perhaps the biggest challenge (this week at least) is how to manage body corporate levies and other financial issues at a time when people are under all sorts of financial pressure. It can be hard enough to get people to pay strata levies when they have the money, let alone when they do not. We think it is essential to identify the pain points for everyone in the sector when it comes to levies and then identify what can be done about it. There are a few points to make,Read More →

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Dear Nick, I just received a 1Form application. How do I view it? I don’t know my password, I don’t know my username, it keeps telling me it wants me to ‘verify’. Please help I need to see this application ASAP!Kind Regards,Every Onsite Manager I get that email (often in less conversational tones and language not suitable for this family blog) at least half a dozen times per day… every single day. Setting up 1Form is a tedious process and I feel your pain! Every manager is sent an instruction pack that explains this process when they join our agency, but by the time theyRead More →

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As the owner of an investment property in Queensland, if you are not already aware of the Palaszczuk Government’s proposed Special COVID-19 Protections for residential tenants and landlords, The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) wants to ensure you understand them. As the peak body for real estate in Queensland, we support the need for tenant protection during COVID-19 however, we are fundamentally opposed to some of the proposed measures. You should be too. As a landlord, you will ultimately foot the bill if the following proposals are introduced: Your tenant/s will NOT have to pay back any rent. Put simply, a rent reduction negotiatedRead More →

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We’re currently assisting a large number of hotels and resorts fill their lease-backs with short term tenancies to help keep them afloat. I put together this video to take our new users through the process of advertising a rental. This video is aimed at first-time users but veterans will also find some valuable information in here as well.Read More →

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I want to give people some insight as to my reasons for joining Hynes Legal and in particular, why I strongly believe the strata industry needs a mediation offering to help reduce the instance of strata disputes in the Commissioner’s Office and QCAT. I’ll begin with a question I’ve been asked a few times since starting with Hynes in February 2020: why would someone pay you to do something that you previously did for free? It’s because of cases like this one. In summary, it’s a dispute heard in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal about management rights. In total, both sides – the bodyRead More →

I remember after the GFC I said something like, wow, now I’ve seen everything.   Wrong! We understand that these are challenging times.  I use the term challenging because really scary and uncertain just sounds too confronting! Please know that we are here for our clients and indeed anyone who needs us.  Having said that the banks have indicated that to expedite positive outcomes they are dealing directly with broker introduced borrowers and that’s fine.  If you need to us to support your case and liaise with your banker, we are here.  If you feel your bank is not stepping up please understand that they areRead More →