November 2016

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Our friends at Resort Brokers invited me along to their industry seminar last night. They had guest speakers from Urbis and Bambrick Media and plenty of managers were in attendance. Was a great night, highly informative. Urbis presented first and had some interesting information and data analysis in relation to development through the CBD. The short of it was: Yes, lots of buildings have been completed recently, yes, downward pressure had been placed on rentals… but vacancy rates on new stock are still only at 1.6%, and new projects being completed have fallen off sharply with the remaining to be completed representing a much smallerRead More →

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  “When America sneezes the world catches cold”.  A cliché perhaps but with some truth behind it I suspect. Consider this : The United States is the world’s largest national economy in nominal terms and second largest according to purchasing power parity (PPP), representing 22% of nominal global GDP and 17% of gross world product (GWP). The United States’ GDP was estimated to be $17.914 trillion as of Q2 2015. Australia’s top 3 two way trading partners are China, Japan and The USA. China is the world’s largest export economy and the USA and Japan are two of China’s top 3 trading partners. Anyway, on to thisRead More →