September 2015

You are browsing the site archives for September 2015. signed an exciting agreement this month with to offer a free utility connection service. Any time a tenant moves into your complex, you can simply direct them to to connect and disconnect all their utilities. I’ve gone through the service extensively with the good people from and I have to say I’m impressed by how simple it is to use and easy it is to get connected. Tenants can choose which utility companies they want to use. By filling out a simple online form will then take care of everything from connecting Gas, Electricity, Telephone, Internet, even Foxtel. They canRead More →

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I mentioned in a recent article that when it comes to interest rates I am not a clairvoyant and so it has proved to be. The reasons why will be revealed soon enough but rst a bit of recent history. Until relatively recently banks set their home loan and residential property investment rates in accordance with the Reserve Bank cash rate. That is, if the Reserve Bank dropped the cash rate then residential property rates followed and vice versa. A little while back one of the major banks announced that it would no longer blindly follow the cash rate benchmark and instead make rate decisionsRead More →

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Here at Short Punch & Greatorix Lawyers we do keep a watch out for what we call “rogue activity” conducted by Body Corporate committees and their chairpersons where they might impact on the business of the on-site Managers. When we see this happening, we particularly encourage our clients to act simultaneously in two directions. Firstly we encourage them to work with all of the owners on a process of informing the owners in the Scheme where the committee may be “off the rails” and may be acting unlawfully, not only to the detriment of the on- site Manager but in a manner that is likelyRead More →

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The past year or so has seen an increasing number of contracts not proceeding to settlement. This is a worrying trend with not a common reason for it happening. We have seen finance issues, Bodies Corporate not assigning, valuations of residences, buyers getting cold feet, verification of figures coming up short and issues with some older agreements all contributing one way or another to the problem. There is a role to play for everyone involved to do their part in making these things happen from the accountant putting figures together for sale, the buyers being truthful about their financial circumstances, the vendors leaving cleaning figuresRead More →