October 2016

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Many residential property managers have told us they simply want a property management system that does all the things they need, without the expensive price tag. Why pay for things you never use, right? At HiRUM we value industry feedback, this is why we developed HiRUM Front Desk for Residential. This provides residential property managers, or those with a rent roll, with all the essential tools they need to manage their business. From full trust accounting, to comprehensive office tools including integrated RTA forms1, we definitely have your needs covered. With NO Monthly fees and a very low one-off fee for set-up & training youRead More →

Human ambition is an interesting thing. Even while confronting the terror and stress of a new role or business venture many of us are already thinking about the next step. I reckon it’s all part of our innate survival instinct ingrained into us as a species. I’ll bet that even while our distance Neanderthal cousins were dragging that Brontosaurus back to the cave they were already planning the next hunting expedition and perhaps some improved techniques and a more effective and efficient conquest. All the better to improve ones lifestyle and avoid the risk of becoming dinosaur poo! This thirst for improvement and the nextRead More →

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I am going to touch on a subject that relates to everyone on a daily basis. As business owners, do we name and shame customers that cost us money? I don’t care what business you operate. I guarantee all of you have at least one customer who believes they are better than you and everyone else. That one customer will simply refuse to pay for services/products rendered. We have quite a few! It is very hard to sit back and watch while they keep trading with their big franchise name knowing that the smaller operators cannot afford the legal fees or resources to fight them. It isRead More →

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It’s over. The longest running (and most expensive) dispute over a deck in Australia has been decided by the High Court.  There are no appeals from there so we now have the definitive statement on what a body corporate’s decision making obligations are based on. Round one went to the deck owner (Commissioner’s Office) Round two went to the complaining owners (QCAT) Round three went to the deck owner (Qld Supreme Court) We wrote an article after the Supreme Court decision here. The opponents to the deck won. The smartest group of lawyers in the country (being the High Court) has decided that the oppositionRead More →