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Before we begin. If you are an eternal optimist who never lets facts and history get in the way of your positive attitude perhaps return to Chrystal Karma Weekly and give this little story a miss. And now, let’s begin. We find ourselves in a unique situation. Never before in modern times have we seen a pandemic of the magnitude of the current Covid crisis. Of course, by magnitude I refer to the actual damage the virus has caused as compared to the damage the reaction to it has visited upon us. It turns out the interconnected world has its downside. I make the pointRead More →

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This is the second COVID impacted set of data that clearly shows a considerable reduction in total stock due to COVID. This is arecord low. Permanent stock on the market has represented the largest portion of this, losing 23% of listings. The period for holidaylistings has lost 18 days on average, indicating a focus on buyers on this part of the market. The Brisbane and Sunshine Coastmarkets appear to be continuing their decline. However, the Gold Coast market held steady with stock levels remaining roughly the same or slightly increased.Read More →

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As I contemplate an attempt to make some sense in this article there’s an old English expression thatsprings to mind.“May you live in interesting times” is claimed to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Whileseemingly a blessing, the expression is normally used ironically; life is better in “uninteresting times” thanin “interesting” ones, which are usually times of trouble. Talk about ironic alright.Anyway, I digress.Rather than write my usual meandering stream of consciousness I’ve decided to cut to the chase andoutline some specific thoughts that might hopefully assist buyers to navigate a management rightspurchase in a world of apparent uncertainty.The Fundamentals Have Not ChangedWhileRead More →

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Since retirement, I mentor clients in Set Up & Induction for caretaker/letting assignments.I focus on skills Gaps  specific to a specific Community Titles Scheme CTS. I have developed a generic online Knowledge Base:  It: draws upon “in the trenches” experience as a service provider; is rich in shared best practice insights/graphics that can inspire, motivate and empower; complements elearning in cloud based business productivity platforms including web design;  gives comfort to a CTS committee as to “performance potential”. Group Dynamics:Content is offered under a Creative Commons license.No login is required.  Anyone with a personal Gmail account or Google Workspace (formally Gsuite) subscription can access and begin self paced applicationCollaborators can edit/modify contentIndustry wide training interventionRead More →