March 2022

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Common misconceptions about insurance – is there any truth to them? There are few things in life you purchase hoping to never have to use and insurance would certainly be one of them. With risks and policy coverages varying so much between industries, your policy’s features could mean the difference between the collapse or rebuilding of your business and reputation. It’s a purchase you should make, not necessarily one that you want to, and it can be confusing. Let’s take a look at some common insurance myths we’ve come across, and clarify whether they are in fact myths, or if there is any truth toRead More →

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With new smoke alarm legislation taking effect at the start of 2022, by now you should have properties under your management upgraded to the new standards. This means having interconnected, photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms and hallways, powered by mains electricity or a non-removable 10-year lithium battery to meet the requirements of the Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990. This article is brought to you by Detector Inspector… To book an inspection at your complex, go here: contact form If you are at all unsure of the status of the building you manage, or you require annual servicing to ensure continued compliance and supportRead More →

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The announcement says it all. Having spent hours in a large aluminium cylinder we are invited to disembark, but please observe appropriate distancing. Face masks at all times, except when eating or drinking, so……..almost never. As always, the great unwashed leap from their seats and do that strange mad scramble to access overhead lockers and then stand stooping for 20 minutes while the air bridge is installed. Some things never change. Anyway, we’ll get to that. A while back I started prowling the house and showing signs of being less than content. As you know gentle readers, I am a man of sunny disposition andRead More →