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Whether it is routine maintenance, emergency repairs, lease renewals or property vacancies, you will always have the landlord asking you to explain the necessity and costs involved. Property Management over the last decade has become much harder, and time consuming, as legislation has changed and people are taking others to tribunal over the smallest of things. The first lease I prepared was in 1997. It was typed on a typewriter with carbon copies, and there was no such thing as inventories, CMA’s or online bookings. If someone had told me that in 18 years’ time that we would be arranging smoke alarms to be checked for every new lease IRead More →

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As a new service to our onsite managers we have begun compiling a library of useful documents that assist in the day-to-day running of Management Rights. We’ve compiled these documents into a single location accessed under your account drop-down. Simply login and select USEFUL FORMS from the dropdown. Here you’ll find: The latest Form6 authority ready to give to your new owners and vendors to transact sales and manage listings. A pre-completed Form6 authorizing our agency to act. A blank Contract Of Sale document to sell community titled lots (ie: units) A blank Contract Of Sale document to sell a house A Tenant Application FormRead More →

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The Reserve is one of three large buildings in the one management rights portfolio at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast. It has been a very large enterprise from the day it was built so it is safe to say the collective value of the management rights enterprise is in the millions. Every management rights agreement is different. There are a few more standard ones you see around and about (one of which is ours), but you can never take for granted that the one you are looking at is the same as the next one (even if drafted by the same firm) because theyRead More →

As finance industry professionals we deal with banks every day and I suspect take much of what happens for granted. At a recent accommodation industry forum I was a bit surprised when the discussion turned to bank lending policies. It transpired that many operators (and therefore I presume borrowers) in the room thought that the banks solely call the shots on what can and cannot be done when they lend you money. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that banks have credit policies and those policies influence and inform the outcome of your loan application. It is also true that withinRead More →

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Imagine being able to seamlessly manage your rental marketing inventory, directly from your trust accounting system. Now you can! As a trust accounting system, Console already knows when your leases are going to end, when new rentals need to be advertised, when new leases are signed. All the information relating to every property in the complex letting pool is already contained within Console. Now, at the push of a button, this information can be instantly shared onto TheOnsiteManager for seamless marketing management across our entire agency. Your tenant is moving out and just gave 2 weeks’ notice, at the push of a button Console canRead More →