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It’s been a bumpy ride, but the NBN looks like it’s finally approaching the home straight. According to NBN Co’s latest Corporate Plan, 2018 will be its biggest year for installations. Combined with the 2017 financial year, they predict almost 5 million additional connections nationwide, on track for a planned completion date of sometime in 2020-21. That’s great to hear, but the situation on the ground for most of us is one of confusion and frustration, especially for people living in or managing multi-dwelling units (MDUs). This guide aims to help explain the basics of the NBN in MDUs. If you have additional questions onRead More →

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After last month’s bulletin (some said rant but no offence) regarding bank lending and personal responsibility we received quite a lot of feedback.  Most was based around misconceptions of how lender security works with suggestions that we need to drill down and provide some detail.  Given that books have been written on this subject any brief summary will, of necessity, only skim the surface. I should also point out that I am going to talk about a variety of security arrangements in very general terms and borrowers should always seek independent advice to ensure they fully understand their obligations. So, without further ado, here goes!Read More →

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The extent of services which a body corporate is authorised to provide, and in some cases, must provide, to lot owners, is limited to those set out in the Body Corporate Community Management legislation. Building managers have to be careful that the duties set out in their Caretaking Agreements with bodies corporate, do not stray outside these limits. Section 169 (1) of the Small Module Regulations, and Section 167 (1) permit bodies corporate to provide certain types of services, which are not otherwise covered in the legislation.   Sub sections 2 and 3 of these Sections also provide the body corporate:- must have an agreement withRead More →

A few weeks ago we published an article exploring why onsite managers might want to consider jumping on the AirBnB bandwagon. It featured a number of pro-AirBnB comments we’d received from our members, many of which centred around the positive effect it had had on their revenue. But on the other side of the coin, we also received a substantial response from the opposing camp. The picture they painted was far from rosy – in fact the overall impression was that, as this article’s slightly sensational-sounding headline might suggest, AirBnB and strata living might never be able to peacefully coexist. This isn’t to say thatRead More →

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This article was published by ABC News and appears on their website: Queenslanders living in body corporate-run apartment blocks could be forced to pay for new safety audits and pick up multi-million-dollar tabs for ripping out combustible cladding in buildings that have previously been ticked off as safe. The ABC’s Four Corners program has revealed more than a decade before a deadly fire in London, Australian suppliers of aluminium-composite cladding knew the product they were selling with a polyethylene (PE) core was highly flammable. It is not known how many non-government buildings in Queensland have the unsafe cladding, but 40 government-owned buildings are under investigation andRead More →


Every lot has areas within them that are common property. Consequently, owners wanting to make changes or undertake renovations may require approval from the Owners Corporation and this will depend on the type of renovation required. Renovations fall into three categories: Cosmetic changes – Includes installing or replacing hooks, nails or screws for hanging paintings or other things on common property walls; installing or replacing handrails within your lot; painting; and filling minor holes and cracks in internal walls. Lot owners can do cosmetic work within their lot without seeking approval from the Owners Corporation; Minor renovations – Includes renovating a kitchen; changing recessed light fittings; installingRead More →