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Common misconceptions about insurance – is there any truth to them? There are few things in life you purchase hoping to never have to use and insurance would certainly be one of them. With risks and policy coverages varying so much between industries, your policy’s features could mean the difference between the collapse or rebuilding of your business and reputation. It’s a purchase you should make, not necessarily one that you want to, and it can be confusing. Let’s take a look at some common insurance myths we’ve come across, and clarify whether they are in fact myths, or if there is any truth toRead More →

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This article is brought to you by AON Insurance – To get a specialised quote for onsite manager insurance now – click here: Onsite Manager Insurance Quote Although we’re all cautiously optimistic about 2022, by now, most of us know better than to expect a world free of uncertainty. As you start the new year however, there are some things you can do to help you feel a little bit more in control and prepared for potential incidents. One of these is undertaking a thorough review of your insurance cover. Some general housekeeping of your insurance policies can help you be sure the policies you haveRead More →

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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Working Remotely Over the years, experts have highlighted numerous benefits of working from home – from improved work/life balance; reducing traffic congestion and even helping reduce the cost of office rent. Whatever your reasons are for working from home, or allowing your staff to do so, there are a few boxes you’ll want to make sure you’re ticking to ensure your employees have the best experience, and prepare your business for some additional complexities having a mobile workforce can bring. 1. You’re still responsible for the health & safety of your employees. Your employees may not be inRead More →