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As accommodation industry professionals we are all in the people business. Our clients are people, our owners, tenants, landlords and committee members are people and our guests are, for the most part, people.  Yes, the pet friendly resort is on the rise but let’s stick with people for now. As people in a people business I would argue that our greatest asset is our ability to communicate effectively.   In recent years the explosion in social media use combined with the myriad nonverbal, non-personal forms of communication at our disposal is resulting in more communication than ever before. Social Media users in Australia are some ofRead More →

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Even a casual observer of the Industrial Law landscape in the post-Work Choices era, will recognise the diversity of employment options that now prevail in modern workplaces. Part of this has been a consequence of the increasing casualisation of the Australian workforce.  This was seen by the Fair Work Commission as a necessary counter-balance to the rights of workers that were gradually being eroded through the trend of casualisation. However, the modern Industrial Law landscape has nevertheless provided certain benefits for employees, through the Modern Award system, and through the evolution of the National Employment Standards (NES). Modern Awards contain a generic or template AwardRead More →

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The question about how to adjust contribution schedule lot entitlements (‘the CSLE’) that has been kicking around strataland since September 2012 has finally been put to rest. The complete article we wrote on the issue at the time is here. In practical terms, no one will be able to adjust the CSLE unless there is a resolution without dissent at a general meeting. This is a resolution which no one votes against (as opposed to one which everyone votes for). Any CLSE adjustment means that some levies will go up and others will go down because the body corporate budget never changes. What adjusting lot entitlementsRead More →

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Before you read any further it’s important that you take the time to dial up Bobby McFerrin on You Tube and get into the reggae groove.  The following will simply not work otherwise! Here’s a little song I wrote You might want to sing it note for note Don’t worry, be happy Some say credit crunch I say bugger that, let’s do a long lunch Don’t worry, be happy In your loan application, there is some trouble Royal Commission might make it double Don’t Worry, Be Happy Ain’t got no cash or equity You can always call on me Don’t worry, be happy. With apologiesRead More →