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The Onsite Manger is a proud sponsor of Women In, an incredible female run business who’s goal is to develop connections and provide support for all women within the Management Rights, Property, Strata & affiliated industries. On the 12th of May, WomenIn and The Onsite Manager are hosting a luncheon together at Lina Rooftop Bar in Brisbane. There will be games, socialising, networking, food and drinks! Come celebrate the amazing work going on in our industry and connect with like minded individuals! Purchase tickets at: More →

It has been a huge 5 weeks for TheOnsiteManager’s Nick Buick, touring the country with Kelley Rigby from Letts Rebuild and Trevor Rawnsley and Chris Podwell from ARAMA for the 2023 ARAMA ROADSHOW. The crew presented in 6 cities including Byron Bay, Airlie Beach, Port Douglas, Cairns, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast with a golf day thrown in for good measure. Many hundreds of managers attended the sessions which focused on Protecting, Defending and Growing your letting pool – a subject that is frequently asked about in management rights. The presentations were well-received and a lot of positive feedback was given from managers. InRead More →

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The comedian Jim Jeffries is profane, offensive, politically incorrect and very very funny. His riff on America’s fascination with guns is particularly biting. He observes that people of a certain demographic get very angry when he suggests that perhaps it’s time for the great US of A to reflect on gun violence. “You can’t change the 2nd amendment” they shout, to which he retorts, “Yes you can, it’s called an amendment!”. Kinda says it all when it comes to some attitudes to change. Got me thinking about stuff we take for granted that might not get a run in today’s gentler, more feeling world. ImagineRead More →

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The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) is calling on the Queensland Government to immediately withdraw its startling comments which dangerously put rent control on the table yet again. REIQ CEO Antonia Mercorella said the uncertainty around how much the Government would meddle with the market would act as a blazing red flag to Queensland property investors, shattering what little confidence is left and ultimately driving them away. “The thought bubble announcement yesterday around contemplating rent controls shows a Government with seemingly no grasp on basic economics,” Ms Mercorella said. “In the middle of a housing crisis caused by lack of housing supply, it’s beyondRead More →

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For businesses aiming to achieve consistent growth year on year, management reporting plays an important role in capturing key metrics required for owners to run effective business operations. Designed to ensure decisions are made via informed insights, at its core, management reporting provides a guide to allow business leaders to forecast the direction of certain strategies, highlight the internal and external risks attached to growth models, and gain greater clarification to regulate planning. From a financial perspective, management reports include analysis of Profit & Loss Statement (i.e. profitability), Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Debtor/Creditor management, Key Performance Indicators (operational and employees), business benchmarks, and other commentary (highlightingRead More →

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AUSTRALIA IS GRIPPED BY AN UNPRECEDENTED housing crisis, and ARAMA is calling on local councils around the country to ban the use of detached homes for short-term rentals. In a staggering statistic, 1,043,776 Australian dwellings were listed as empty on census night 2021. Some of these million-plus homes were vacant because they were being sold and awaiting new owners, but the latest data tells us that there were 251,000 short-term rental properties registered across Australia in September 2022. Most of these homes are empty most of the time. Meanwhile, in Queensland alone there are more than 50,000 people waiting on the social housing register and struggling to find a roofRead More →

No matter which side of the political fence you sit on, Labor’s proposed changes to super that are set to apply from 2025/26 will definitely have a profound effect should the government win re-election in 2025. Like most government policy around super it is complex and hard to dissect. As always in these matters, ResortBrokers strongly recommends you seek professional advice from a qualified financial adviser. We did, though, want to share a few thoughts about what we understand the effects of these proposed super changes will be for you. We know a great many of you will be affected, either as landlords who holdRead More →

As some of you may know I am a late arrival to the pastime of snow sports. It’s not that I haven’t always had an interest in skiing, mountains and snow. It’s just that when you are married with two kids, trying to pay off a mortgage and living pretty much week to week the prospect of mixing it with the snow resort jet set seems one hell of a stretch. Of course, travel brochures are free so who says you can’t dream? Anyway, in my advancing years and with the kids off our hands (are they ever really thus?) the managing director and I,Read More →