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Want to run your own business in paradise? Management rights are a uniquely attractive business and lifestyle choice for Kiwi’s looking to move to sunny Queensland. The Management Rights for Kiwi’s Partnership is proud to present its third series of seminars on management rights in Queensland. Our expert presenters, with hands on experience, will help you understand management rights. Find out more at our upcoming seminars in Tauranga on 18 February 2017 and in Auckland on 16 February 2017  www.managementrights.kiwi Win a trip to sunny Queensland! Come along to one of our seminars to be eligible to win: 2 nights’ accommodation at Sandcastles Mooloolaba with $250 AUDRead More →

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There are new requirements for smoke alarms in all dwellings (being houses or units) from 1 January this year. The rules are not retrospective but they will apply when a dwelling is relet (whether to a new or existing tenant). You can click here for the QFES summary and here for a more detailed explanation. The OFT also has a section on it. All property managers should make sure their clients are aware of the requirements to comply with the new rules. There is little doubt where liability would sit if there was a fire and the smoke alarms were not compliant.Read More →

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We all know the Internet has come along in leaps and bounds in the last decade.  But just how far have we come in terms of convenience and security? When ‘The Cloud’ became a reality a few years back, many managers breathed a sigh of relief at the idea their information was safe and sound in a cushion of floating security, where they were no longer restricted to accessing what they needed whenever they needed it. No longer would they lose data or private information if their hard-drive crashed, and no longer did they have to transport that information everywhere they went. All of aRead More →

Before I became software developer, I worked for several years in advertising. I was fortunate for the opportunity to work with the best advertising agencies in the country, playing a very small part in presenting some very large companies in Australia to market. Along the way, I learned a few lessons about marketing and advertising… one such lesson was imparted on me by a sagely old advertising photographer: Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer – it makes you a camera owner. The importance of photography cannot be emphasized enough – it’s a job that really ought to be left to a professional photographer ifRead More →

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A valid and current Caretaking Agreement and Letting Agreement (“Agreement”) with a healthy term remaining is one of the most valuable assets in a management rights business. This is recognised by anyone with an interest in the business, including banks and potential purchasers. It is therefore imperative that Service Contractors and Letting Agents (“Building Managers”) understand the process that is involved in both exercising an option and adding an option to the term of their current Agreement. Exercising an Option to Renew The effect of not exercising an option can be disastrous. If a Building Manager does not exercise an option within the required timeRead More →