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There is an entrenched belief in the industry that property market trends in Sydney and Melbourne tend to precede activity in the Queensland markets. The market in Brisbane and the Gold Coast has historically seen an upturn in property sales volumes as the southern markets ‘overheat’ and property values increase to the point where they are no longer seen as sustainable or affordable. Property investors then turn to markets where they perceive greater prospect of capital growth and return is available. However at the moment we are seeing strength in the apartment markets of Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, Victoria and southern QLD in both Brisbane andRead More →

A couple of years ago, someone put me onto this little-known app called Netflix. Within about 15 minutes of having my TV connected to Netflix, I picked up the phone, called Foxtel, and cancelled my subscription on the spot… the $9.95 a month account that I’d opened on Netflix offered thousands of hours of on-demand, commercial-free entertainment, and had instantly removed the need for my $100 a month, ad-ridden, rerun-filled Foxtel account, forever. I’ve never looked back. These businesses are called disruptive innovators, or disruptors. They don’t create new markets they simply evolve existing markets and cause a disruption to the existing businesses trading inRead More →