May 2017

You are browsing the site archives for May 2017. is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Hotspots Australia to ensure your smoke alarm and other compliance obligations are being met. With the recent changes in smoke alarm legislation in QLD we thought it was important to ensure our clients are up to date and ready to change. To read more about the changes in legislation see here Hotspots have created an exclusive package for onsite managers, combining smoke alarm compliance, general electrical and air conditioning work under one banner. In addition to the ease of dealing with just one trade, Hotspots also does not charge call out fees resulting in savingsRead More →

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In their simplest form virtual tours have been used by commercial and residential sales agents for many years through the use of property photos which offer a prospective buyer the ability to experience a property and make a value judgement from a remote location without having to visit beforehand. This enables a viewing shortlist to be achieved and thus saving on valuable time. Today’s property buyers are often very sophisticated and time poor, wanting unfettered access to clear and high quality information which offer a truthful and accurate picture of the properties they are interested in viewing with as few unexpected surprises as possible. WeRead More →

When buying a management rights or leasehold accommodation business such as a motel there is an interesting dynamic at play that many purchasers fail to pay sufficient attention to. The fact is that outside the core group comprising the purchaser, the vendor and their associated advisors there is a third-party lurking. In the case of leases it’s the landlord and in the case of management rights it’s the body corporate. In both cases this third party has a vested interest in the professional capacity of the purchaser and their likely prospects of success. In both cases character, financial standing and qualifications will be important considerations.Read More →

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(By Martin Punch of Short Punch & Greatorix Lawyers) Many court cases involve the interpretation of legislation, which in some cases leaves room for a variety of interpretations.  This has particularly been the case with management rights, which has resulted in expense which can easily be avoided if more thought was given in the first place to what the legislation should say, to avoid unintended consequences. Three management rights cases illustrate the problem:- The Rocks Case This case revolved around what information had to be in Forms 22a under the old PAMDA Act, in relation to charges made for services organised by a letting agent,Read More →