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As we explained recently in this article, the net benefit of upgraded listings is greater than their cost, meaning they actually save owners money rather than costing it. Well, we’ve now sat down with RealEstate.com.au who have painstakingly reviewed our listing data and composited a beautiful 30 page report quantifying EXACTLY how much that net benefit equates to, and the numbers are staggering. Even I was surprised – EVERY onsite manager needs to read this article. Lets break it down! What is a Feature Listing Feature listings appear ahead of Standard listings Interactive photo carousel highlights the best features Receive 1.6x more Average Views thanRead More →

Back when real estate wasn’t as expensive, multipliers weren’t as high and banks didn’t care as much about serviceability as they did security, buying a lot with a business all worked without much of an issue. That has changed (noticeably for high value real estate with shorter term management rights agreements), which has led to us receiving lots of requests from clients about separating their lot from their management rights business.  Every management rights business is different. There are no hard and fast rules, but in general terms, these are the issues that come if you want to consider doing breaking that link. Let’s startRead More →

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As some of you will no doubt have figured out by now, I have a weakness for cars.  Old cars, new cars, fast cars, slow cars, even electric cars and the occasional motorcycle. I am fascinated by cars and the auto industry. This basic flaw in my good judgement has led to me investing wisely in a few vehicles, much to the dismay of the managing director.  By wise investment I mean spending more than said vehicles will ever be worth and then justifying the “investment” by grossly overinflating the values when debating the matter with my accountant, bank manager and afore mentioned MD. MyRead More →

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There is a VERY strong mentality amongst onsite managers, that upgraded listings are expensive. I hear it every day. I get managers calling me up telling me they desperately need to find a tenant, and they’re losing rent, and when I explain the very simple solution is to boost exposure, they balk because of the ‘high cost’ of an upgrade. This is wrong-headed thinking and not the correct way to approach marketing. Marketing doesn’t cost money, marketing saves money!!! Good agents know this. The average real estate agent commits hundreds of dollars EVERY MONTH on EVERY RENTAL LISTING to market them. In fact most realRead More →