November 2020

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Those of you who follow this column (a sure indication of nothing better to do) may recall recent mention of the so-called Wagyu and Shiraz case. For those who do have better things to do here’s a quick snapshot from that article: Following the banking royal commission living expense tests, which can have a significant impact on debt service capacity outcomes, have moved to a more individual level rather than a standard allowance as was previously the case. This has led to borrowers being compelled to detail living costs in great detail and lenders to trawl through bank statements in some bizarre attempt to establishRead More →

I’ve owned and managed holiday rentals for several years now, and one thing that has always concerned me is the prospect of dirty greasy nasty little hooligans renting a property and turning it into a party house. The risks of such an incident are obvious: Property damage, noise complaints, theft, fights and assaults, and possibly even local council issues. Here’s the steps I’ve taken to greatly reduce these risks to almost zero! Property Descriptions Pay attention to how you’re presenting your holiday accommodation in your marketing. I always make an effort to clearly state in the marketing that the property is not a party house,Read More →