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Are you overwhelmed by the day to day running of your property management business and looking for a proven streamlined system? ‘Property Management Dominance’ is a simple, effective, practical, easy to implement & most importantly proven property management system put together by an award winning property manager & business owner. Property Management Dominance is a step-by-step guide to the art & business of property management. It is based on almost 20 years of practical experience by an award winning property manager. Most property management systems & training can be over complicated & hard to follow. ‘Property Management Dominance’ is designed to assist the beginner to the most experienced of property professional with easy to follow mapped out procedures.Read More →

What exactly am I buying? Purchasing a management rights off the plan simply means that you are agreeing to purchase a management rights business and usually a managers unit at a future time once the project is  complete and individual unit sales have settled. Off plans can be holiday resorts, permanent rental townhouse or unit complexes or short stay corporate properties like hotels and serviced apartments. How do I know what I am buying? The sale of off plan management rights is a highly regimented process and contract conditions are designed to ensure that the buyer is protected. Most importantly the sale will most likely be subject toRead More →

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Yes, we took that from the Godfather, but why not? It is one of the greatest lines ever delivered in a movie (and credit where it is due to Mario Puzo for writing it in the first place). Anyway, enough pop culture. We don’t need any distractions this early in the new year! We have written about bodies corporate and their obligations to act reasonably over the years and this newsletter is another example of the same principle. It started with 14 owners saying ‘no’ to an application made by our client for the grant of an exclusive use space (which required a resolution withoutRead More →

As I tentatively looked into the now famous ‘Crystal Ball’ as I do at the beginning of each year, searching for predictions both negative and positive, my personal life came to the forefront of my vision. I started to wonder what I personally considered to be some of the defining moments of my year, more so than what I achieved professionally. Taking a moment to reflect and extract some wisdom from our experiences in 2015 can assist with setting us up for the year to come. So I ask, what do you consider to be some of the defining moments of the year in yourRead More →